Dr. Cassano's full publication list is available at NCBI.

Dr. Cassano and her research group lead the following studies:

  • Pat serves as multi-PI with collaborator Dana Hancock (RTI, International) leading an NIH-funded study of gene-by-nutrient interactions in relation to pulmonary function phenotypes. This project leverages data from a consortium of genome-wide association studies to investigate the relation of genetic variation to pulmonary phenotypes. These studies are discovering new genetic variants that interact with nutrition, including vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, to influence lung function decline and risk of COPD, and the project also explores the mediation of effects through the methylome.

Other research studies in progress:

  • Mendelian Randomization studies of nutrient—lung function decline phenotypes
  • Mendelian Randomization study of vitamin D and COVID-19 phenotypes
  • Gene-by-nutrient studies of pulmonary function decline phenotypes within the CHARGE Consortium, under the auspices of NIH R21 funded project (Multi PIs: PA Cassano and D Hancock (RTI)) include several projects during the funding period. Two projects are in final stages of completion including a study of dietary pattern in relation to cross-sectional pulmonary function phenotypes. (Collaborators are investigators in the Pulmonary Function Working Group of CHARGE, and investigators in the SpiroMeta Consortium)
  • Systematic reviews of nutrient--disease associations including 2 Cochrane reviews in progress: vitamin D and prevention of asthma and atopic dermatitis in children; folate interventions for arsenic exposed populations.