Use of HMRU Facilities

Investigators interested in using HMRU facilities can fill out the Intake Form or contact Jennifer Thompson.

Metabolic Kitchen and Alumni Metabolic Dining Room

The Metabolic Kitchen is equipped for the design of all manners of meal preparation. The kitchen and food storage area are fully equipped and suitable for controlled feeding studies. The dining room contains a dining area that can serve up to 24 research participants.

Overnight Studies

The HMRU contains accommodations for the overnight housing of subjects.

Equipment and expertise are available in the HMRU for the drawing of blood from subjects.

Nell I. Mondy Laboratory for Human Performance

The Nell I. Mondy Laboratory for Human Performance is well equipped for the assessment of all aspects of physical performance. The Laboratory contains facilities to test energy expenditure and oxygen consumption by indirect calorimetry.

Body Composition Laboratory

The Body Composition Laboratories contain facilities to assess body fat, fat-free mass and bone mineral content by densitometry and anthropometry. The Body Composition Laboratories possess examination rooms, a Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometer (DXA) instrument and a Bod-Pod. Anthropometric measurements by skin folds and a water displacement tank for underwater weight determination are also available.