The primary mission of the Frances A. Johnston and Charlotte M. Young Human Metabolic Research Unit (HMRU) is to provide an infrastructure for investigators in the Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS) who conduct Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved research involving human participants. The HMRU is also a resource for DNS didactic teaching.

Administrative Structure

The HMRU is a shared resource for nutrition research and education in the DNS and is administered through the office of the DNS Director. All research conducted in the HMRU is approved by Cornell University's Institutional Review Board (IRB) and subject to various HMRU policies and standard operating procedures, see below. Any faculty member acting as the Principal Investigator or the supervising faculty member of any project being conducted in the HMRU is responsible for all aspects of the scientific conduct of the project.

Inquiries about the HMRU should be sent to DNS Director.

Areas of Research

The HMRU is a 3,829 square foot research facility with specialized laboratories and facilities to support comprehensive nutrition and metabolism research on human subjects. The HMRU supports many facets of research in the nutritional sciences, including human metabolism, dietetics, and clinical chemistry, as well as studies involving human performance and assessment of body composition and bone mass.

Use of HMRU Facilities

Investigators interested in using HMRU facilities should contact Erica Bender CNM, NP-Ob/Gyn, eb572@cornell.edu, 607-255-9417


The HMRU is located on the Second Floor, of the West Wing, of Martha Van Rensselaer Hall West at Cornell University. Your research coordinator will make a parking reservation for you in the Forest Home Garage. Here are the directions to the HMRU.

Division of Nutritional Sciences
2nd Floor, MVR-West
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6301

Policies and Standard Operating Procedures

Student Investigator Use of HMRU Facilities

Research conducted by students is accommodated in the HMRU whenever possible. This policy is intended to ensure that students have the appropriate resources, training and oversight for their research and that the HMRU recovers all associated expenses.

Use of the HMRU Top's or Red Runner Accounts
The HMRU Kitchen is not easily accessible for food delivery. An account with Top's and with Red Runner exists to facilitate bringing needed grocery items for research studies to the HMRU Kitchen - thus eliminating the use of personal vehicles, parking on campus, and minimizing the amount of time required to procure these goods.