Registering as a Dietetics Student at Cornell

Students intending to complete DPD requirements at Cornell are required to contact the DPD Director. Registering as a Dietetics student allows the program to keep track of students working to complete DPD requirements. It allows the program to plan for student needs in dietetics and allows students to receive individual advisement and guidance on the path to becoming an R.D. There is a $75.00 fee to register as a dietetics student and complete the DPD requirements which is used to offset transcript evaluation, program supplies and accreditation fees. Students are required to pay this fee when submitting requests for transcript evaluation (after acceptance into the DPD).

Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) Application and Admission

Cornell University students interested in pursuing a career as a Registered Dietitian will need to apply (typically in their junior year) to the DPD offered by the Division of Nutritional Sciences. Before completing the requirements for admission, interested students should register as "Pre-Dietetics" students by downloading and submitting the DNS Didactic Program in Dietetics Student Intent Form which can also be found in the Minor Fields and Pre-Professional Paths section of the DNS Roadmap. Please complete this form and return it to or B36A Kinzelberg Hall.

DPD Application and Admission

  • DPD Application: Form should be typed and filled out completely.
  • Transcripts: Unofficial transcripts or copies are permissible.
  • Resume: Please limit resume to 1-2 pages.
  • Essay: See instructions under "Supplemental Items" on the DPD application form.
  • Submit all application materials as one PDF file and upload to the DPD Blackboard site.

Admission into the DPD is a competitive and selective process with a limited number of placements. Completing DPD requirements should be an option pursued as part of a thoughtful plan by students serious in pursuing dietetics and health careers. Admissions reflect an overall competitiveness for successful placement into supervised practice and commitment to a career in dietetics and health. Selection will be based on successful academic progress, committed intention to pursue a career in dietetics and health, potential for excellence or leadership in the field of dietetics and a high likelihood for successful placement into an accredited internship post-baccalaureate.

To apply, a student must meet the following minimal application criteria.

  • Strong academic performance (generally a GPA ≥ 2.9).
  • Completion of the following courses:
    • NS 1150
    • NS 1220
    • NS 2450
    • NS 2470
    • 1 semester organic chemistry
    • Recommended: NS 3410 & NS 3420
  • Evidence of committed intention to pursue a career in dietetics including:
    • Registration as a pre-dietetics student
    • Completion of at least one dietetics related experience, including but not limited to work, volunteer, field or lab experience.
    • Membership in CUDA, Southern Tier Dietetics Association or the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Understanding of the role of the R.D. in promoting health in various practice settings.
  • Registered pre-dietetics students should apply to the DPD at the beginning of their third year (fourth year for junior transfer students).
  • Complete the DPD Application and submit the complete application and supplemental items as one PDF file by October 1.
  • Selected students will be interviewed by current Cornell University Dietetic Interns.
  • Applications and results of interviews will be reviewed by DPD Director and the DPD Admissions Committee appointed by the DPD Director. Accepted students will be notified by early November.

Once accepted into the DPD, students will be required to:

  • Attend supervised practice application meetings during the fall of their senior year. Meeting dates and times will be made available at the start of the fall semester.
  • Complete remaining DPD required courses in order to receive the non-course milestone degree designation of 'Dietetics' on their student records and unofficial transcript.

Students not accepted into the DPD or pre-dietetics students who opt not to apply are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor as well as career counselors in their respective college to discuss other career options. In addition, these students will no longer receive the non-course milestone of Dietetics in their records and unofficial transcript.

Contact us at

You may apply to Dietetic Internships through DICAS, a centralized online application service. Most internships participate in this service, but if you have questions about the centralized application, please contact DICAS or call 617-612-2855.

Information on the computer matching service, availability of positions, your responsibilities when you apply and other information can be found on the DICAS site.  A video overview of the changes in the application also is available.

Program admission committees will review your application according to program standards. Most programs will make an initial determination of your candidacy based on a first look at your application. This may include evaluating your GPA, completeness of your application and appearance of your application. It is imperative that your complete application be received before the due-date. Applications that are submitted late or are incomplete maybe removed from the selection pool.

To assist you in putting together the highest quality application possible, the DPD director is available for consultation.

Contact the Dietetics director at

Contact the DPD director at