Image is a diagram showing DNS situated between two colleges, Human Ecology & CALS

In the Division of Nutritional Sciences, the three undergraduate majors explore the many aspects of human health, well-being, and nutrition, and are grounded in a core science foundation. While each major specializes in an area of human nutrition, in DNS, you’ll also explore interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives, learn collaboratively and experientially, and critically analyze current and future issues in human nutrition.

When deciding which College might be right for you, note that the major requirements remain the same across Colleges, but the distribution requirements, or the general education courses and electives, will vary based on the mission and goals of each College. Prospective students are encouraged to review the respective admissions pages of each College to inform their decision.

DNS also has students within the Biological Sciences major in the Human Nutrition concentration, who may be within either CALS or the College of Arts & Sciences (A&S) and are assigned DNS faculty advisors.

A Venn diagram showing the overlap in content among the 3 DNS majors