Paul Soloway
Division of Nutritional Sciences

T4018 Vet Research Tower


Formal education includes a BA 1979 from Cornell University in Biology and a PhD 1989 from Princeton University in Molecular Biology. Post doctoral training was at MIT and the Whitehead Institute from 1998-1994. Independent positions as a Principal Investigator were at Roswell Park Cancer Institute from 1994-2002 and at Cornell University from 2002 to the present. Area of expertise is mouse molecular genetics, mechanisms controlling placement of epigenetic modifications including DNA and histone methylation in the mouse genome. 

Current research activities are in the area of epigenetics and includes several separate sets of projects.  One of these seeks to characterize the mechanisms regulating the epigenetic phenomena of DNA and histone methylation in mice using the Rasgrf1 gene as a model.  These methylation events are potent regulators of gene expression and respond to environmental variables, including nutrition, in ways that are stable and inheritable.  A second set of projects in collaboration with Prof. Barbara Strupp to characterize epigenomic mechanisms by which maternal choline supplementation leads to improved cognitive outcomes in the progeny.  Recent advances in epigenomic methods make this project tractable.  

a)    The following URL provides a full list of my published work:[Author]%20OR%20Soloway%20P%20[Author



Research:  50%
Teaching:  50%

Scientific Advisory Board Member, Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics

Reviewer for Siemens Science Competition

It is an honor and a privilege to be teacher and advisor to the enthusiastic, creative and intelligent minds who come to Cornell for study.  I strive to serve their educational goals with the commitment I would extend to my own children.  Each student has their own unique needs, and I tailor my approach to meet them.  I bring this philosophy into my classroom, my research lab, and when I meet individually with students, not just for their benefit, but for my own as well.  When I execute my responsibilities guided by this philosophy, I feel like the teacher, advisor, scientist and human I wish to be.  

Full teaching for:

NS 4900 - Manipulating the Mouse Genome

NS 6080 - Epigenetics


Guest Lecturer for:

PIN Seminar

NS 6320

NS 3310

NS 1200




Post-doc 1994 - Whitehead Institute / MIT, Molecular Genetics - Advisor, R. Jaenisch
Ph.D. 1989 - Princeton University, Molecular Genetics - Advisor, T. Shenk
BA 1979 - Cornell University, Biochemistry

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