The Pritchard Lecture Series in Human Nutrition is sponsored by the Klingenstein Pritchard Scholarship Program and is dedicated to human nutrition, from conception through weaning onto adulthood and honors those who have made significant contributions to human nutrition. This on-campus lecture is open to the Cornell community and the public, free of charge. No registration is required for this event.

david eide

The 2020 Pritchard Lecture Series in Human Nutrition took place on Monday, February 17, 2020 at 4:00pm in 100 Savage Hall with guest speaker David, Eide, PhD.

"Meeting your quota: The cellular economy of zinc"

Dr. Eide is a professor in Nutritional Sciences as well as the Nutritional Sciences Department Chair in the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research interests are nutritional genomics and molecular responses to changes in nutrient status.

martha field,david eide, pat cassano
Assistant Professor and Chair of the Seminar Committee, Martha Field (left) and Pat Cassano, DNS director, welcome Dr. David Eide as the 2020 Pritchard Lecture guest speaker

Previous speakers:

teresa davis

Teresa A. Davis, PhD; USDA/ARS Children’s Nutrition research Center; Baylor College of Medicine; Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Nutrition. “Role of Nutrition in the Regulation of Muscle Growth”, April 22, 2019.


janet king

Janet C. King, PhD; Senior Scientist, CHORI. “Integrating Zinc biology into Effective Zinc Interventions”, November 6, 2017 2017.


catherine ross

A. Catherine Ross, PhD ‘76; Pennsylvania State University. “Vitamin A Supplementation in the Neonatal Period: To Neonates, or Mothers?”, January 27, 2017.


robert cousins

Robert Cousins, PhD; Director, Center for Nutritional Sciences at the University of Florida. “Zinc Transporters-Regulation and Functions”, September 21, 2015