WHO Cochrane Cornell Summer Institute, Program Topics

Through didactic lectures and hands-on working groups, participants will learn the process of conducting and publishing a systematic review on nutrition interventions by participating in the development and publication of a systematic review. Reviews produced by the participants have been used in WHO guidelines for member states, and a full bibliography will be added to the Institute website soon. Review topics vary from year-to-year and participants are also encouraged to bring forward reviews that they would like to work on with the team.

Examples of past topics include the following:

  • Wheat flour fortification with iron for reducing anemia and improving iron status in whole and at-risk populations
  • Biofortified staple crops with increased micronutrient content for improving vitamin and mineral status in populations
  • Supplementation with iodine for women during pregnancy and lactation
  • Folic acid supplementation for HIV-positive women during pregnancy with or without antiretroviral regimens
  • Folic acid supplementation in children living in malaria-endemic areas
  • Vitamin A supplementation in children living in malaria-endemic areas
  • Growth monitoring and promotion (GMP) for children in low- and middle-income countries
  • Integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI) strategy for children under five: effects on death, service utilization, and illness

Participants will be assigned to topic areas based on interest or may propose a topic for approval. Reviews will be completed in groups, including faculty mentors from Cornell University and elsewhere.

Participants will be required to complete preparatory work prior to beginning the Institute. Participants will be required to work on a protocol or title registration prior to attending the program, and they will be expected to lead or co-lead the completion of the systematic review after the Institute is completed.

Participants will be provided with access to the Cornell Libraries and other facilities necessary for the review work, and library access will continue post-Institute for about one year.

WHO Cochrane Cornell Summer Institute, Contact Information

Patricia A. Cassano, PhD
Professor & Director, Division of Nutritional Sciences
The Alan Mathios Professor
Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine, Department of Population Health Sciences, Division of Epidemiology
127 Savage Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853
+1 607.255.8001 (phone), +1 607.255.2691 (fax)
E-mail:  summerinstitute@cornell.edu

Please visit our registration page for details on how to apply.