The DPD Handbook and resources are offered to dietetics students to assist you with determining where to apply for supervised practice and to help you prepare your applications. Please read the DPD Handbook in full and plan to ask questions at the fall DPD meetings.

The updated DPD Handbook is available within the course curriculum site to which current students are given access with a password. Please contact us at with questions.

Cornell DI Pre-select Option

Cornell students may wish to consider applying to the Dietetic Internship (DI) program at Cornell University. Application to the DI is separate. The Cornell DI is highly competitive. The Cornell DI program offers early application each year for Cornell DPD students. This process is referred to as "pre-select." Application deadlines for the Cornell DI, including pre-select, can be found at Cornell's Dietetic Internship page. Interviews for Cornell DI pre-select applicants are typically completed by late January. Students who are accepted via the pre-select process do not need to go through the match process. Students interested in a very strong general internship with high quality rotations in community, research, clinical and management are advised to consider preselect for Cornell's DI. Students interested in the Cornell DI are strongly advised to meet with Cornell's DI Director prior to application.

Dietetics Program Contact Information:

Dietetics Office
108 Savage Hall
DPD Office
108 Savage Hall


  • Request access to Dietetics Computer Lab haven’t done so already. Submit request via DPD website.

  • Finalize list of programs you will apply to; determine Open House dates. If planning to apply to Cornell DI as a pre-select candidate, schedule meeting with Emily Gier, Director of the Dietetic Internship,  and plan on attending the Cornell DI Open House in December.

  • Verify application due dates and whether programs you are interested in participate with DICAS. Note January 2 application due date for Cornell pre-select applicants.

  • Identify individuals to write letters of support and schedule meeting to request strong letters of support.

  • Open DICAS account and begin application

  • September 25: Submit DPD Communication Form with initial DI selections to the Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics via email at; schedule meeting to discuss program choices by November 5.  


  • Make plans to take GRE.
  • Visit programs during fall break. Attend FNCE if able and the FNCE DI Fair.
  • Fill out self-evaluation form for letter writers

  • Begin work on personal statement.

  • Provide letter writers with resume, unofficial transcript, self-evaluation form and the forms for letters of reference (request due date of January 15 unless your program has an earlier deadline).

  • Order transcripts from colleges other than Cornell, if applicable. Request one for your DPD file (please send to the Dietetics Office, c/o Diana Wixson), one for each program that requires a paper application and direct the Registrar to mail one to DICAS (use form on DICAS website).

  • October 23: email your current list of DI selections.


  • Due November 15 to Dietetics Office: Transcript Evaluation form, transcript and draft Declaration of Intent form (we will enter formal version on DICAS), $75 transcript

    evaluation fee (make checks payable to Cornell University). Note: If you’re applying pre-select to Cornell, inform Dietetics Office that you will need a Declaration of Intent approved ASAP.

  • November 15: email your final list of DI selections.


  • Order copies of official Cornell transcript with fall grades posted. You will need one for each program that requires a paper application and will need to instruct the Registrar to mail one to DICAS.

  • Create an account with D&D Digital. This is very important! You cannot match to a DI if you do not register with D&D Digital! Pay D&D Digital computer matching fee.


  • January 2 Due Date for Cornell DI Pre-select application. Application must be complete by midnight, which means letters of recommendation as well as candidate application have been submitted.






  • January 2 – Due Date for Cornell DI Pre-select application. Application must be complete by midnight, which means letters of recommendation as well as candidate application have been submitted.
  • January 15 - due date for all other Cornell DI applicants.
  • Visit programs.
  • Complete DICAS and paper application (if needed).
  • Finalize personal statement.
  • Submit updated FINAL list of DI programs you’re applying to (if necessary) to the Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics at

February 1-15: RANK PROGRAMS

  • For programs not participating in DICAS, compile paper application packets and send certified mail with return receipt. Submit electronic applications on DICAS.
  • Enter DI priority choices. Check D&D Digital for February due date.
  • Send final list of choices and ranking.

March: Check dates at D&D Digital HURRY UP AND WAIT

  • Applicants may reorder Dietetic Internship priority rankings; however, no additional internships may be added.


  • MATCH DAY! Email your personal match results.
  • Accept Match by due date at the latest as indicated on D&D Digital website.
  • If you do not match, contact ASAP for a review of post-match guidelines & assistance.


  • Request final transcript with degree posted to be sent to Dietetics Office and your DI program director. Request that the Registrar hold your transcript until degree is posted.
  • BEFORE LEAVING CAMPUS: Provide Dietetics Office with addresses to mail your Verification Statements. Include the name/address of your DI program director, your social security number and your June address.

June/July: YOU ARE DONE! Cornell prepares Verification Statement and sends you six copies, one copy to DI Director and one copy retained in your Cornell DPD file.

The Applicant Guide to Supervised Practice is the most up-to-date reference available detailing Dietetic Internships, Coordinated Programs in Dietetics, Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways (ISPPs), and Future Education Model Graduate Programs (FEMGPs).

All accredited supervised practice programs are listed on the online directory of dietetic internships on the Academy Website at

Use the edit function to narrow your search for programs with a particular feature. To use this function:

  • Always start your word search at the beginning of the directory list.
  • Use the edit function by pressing the Control key and the key for the letter F simultaneously.
  • In the box that appears, type the word or phrase you want to find. You do not need to match the word case.
  • Click on Find Next to find the next occurrence of the word or phrase.
  • Continue to Click Find Next to find additional occurrences.

Below are some examples of searches you can use to find specific programs in the Dietetic Internship list:

  • State or City: Search for the State or City by name. Use the 2-letter abbreviation for the state and check the box to select whole word only.
  • Enrollment date: These are generally shown as a month. Enter the full name of the month.
  • Length of the Program: The length of the program is generally shown as a range of two months. For example try finding programs that are 9 to 10 months or 10 to 11 months.
  • Computer Match Date: Enter April or November or exempt.
  • Stipend: Entering the word stipend will find programs with monetary as well as non-monetary stipends.
  • Emphasis area: 207 of the 261 internships have defined emphasis areas. The table below shows the emphasis areas and the number of programs in each category. To find the programs for a particular emphasis area type in the name of the emphasis area as shown below:
Number of Programs Emphasis Area Number of Programs Emphasis Area
2 Business/Entrepreneur 1 Natural Medicine
1 Child Nutrition 4 Nutrition Education
31 Community 33 Nutrition Therapy
1 Community/Urban Health 2 Nutrition Therapy/Community
1 Developmental Disabilities 1 Pediatrics, Maternal and Child Health
10 Food Service Systems 1 Psychiatric Disabilities in Long Term Care
110 General 2 Sub Acute Long Term Care
1 Information Technology 1 Research
3 Military Skills 1 Wellness
1 Medical Dietetics    


The DPD Communication Form must be completed by September 29 and submitted to the Director of the Didactic Program in in Dietetics at

Self-Evaluation form for recommendation and/or personal statement.

To request the Didactic Program in Dietetics Transcript Evaluation Form please contact Diana Wixson, Dietetics Program Support at

The Dietetic Internship Match is a computer-based method which provides an orderly and fair way to match the preferences of applicants for Dietetic Internships (DIs) with the preferences of DI program directors. The Academy contracts with a company called D&D Digital to operate the DI Match and help applicants obtain an Internship (supervised practice position).

DPD Course List Required Supplemental Form to be Completed by the DPD Program Director

DPD Program Institution: Cornell University
DPD Director: Emily Gier
Website for Course Catalog:
DPD Professional Courses DPD Science Courses

HADM 1360 Food Service Management

Inorganic Chemistry: Chem 2070-2080 or 1560-2080 or 2105-2160

NS 1150 Nutrition, Health and Society

Organic Chemistry: Chem 1570 or Chem 3570-3580 and Chem 2510 or Chem 3010

NS 1220 Nutrition and the Life Cycle

Microbiology: BioMi 2900 General Microbiology

NS 2450 Social Science Perspectives on Food and

Biology and Physiology Biology: BioG 1105-1106 or BioG 1500 plus two from following three courses: BIOG 1350, BioG 1440, or BioG 1610/1780 Physiology: NS 3410 AND NS 3420

NS 2470 Food for Contemporary Living Nutrition

Biochemistry NS 3200 or BioMG 3300 or BioMG 3310 or BioMG 3330) or BioMG 3350

NS 4250 Nutrition Communication and Counseling

Other Nutritional Science:  NS 3450 Nutritional and Physicochemical Aspects of Food; NS 3310 Physiological & Biochemical Bases of Human Nutrition;  NS 3320 Methods in Nutritional Sciences

NS 4410 Nutrition and Disease


NS 4420 Implementation of Nutrition Care


NS 4500 Public Health Nutrition OR NS 1600 Intro to Public Health


NS 4880 Applied Dietetics in Food Service Systems


Other DPD Professional:

  • Psychology: HD 1150 Human Development: Infancy and Childhood OR HD 1170 Human Development: Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood OR Psych 1101 Introduction to Psychology

  • Communication: First year Seminars

  • Statistics: PAM 2100 Introduction to Statistics or AEM 2100 Introductory Statistics or ST SCI/ILRST 2100 or ILRST 2120 Statistical Reasoning BTRY 3010 Statistical Methods I or PSYCH 3500 Statistics and Research Design or MATH 1710 Statistical Theory and Application in the Real World or SOC 3010 Evaluating Statistical Evidence

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