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For contacting internally, dial 25, followedby their five-digit extension number listed below (ie: 25X-XXXX). When using e-mail, always use the suffix "" (ie:, or just click on their e-mail addresses below. For contacting externally, dial (607) 25X -Extension number. Mailing Address: Cornell University, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Savage Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853.

Patrick Stover
Professor & Division Director
(607) 255-8001
127 Savage Hall

Patricia Cassano
Professor and Associate Division Director
(607) 255-7551
209 Savage Hall

Richard Duell
Executive Director -Finance & Administration
(607) 255-3008
123 Savage Hall

Diana Wixson
Grant & Contract Administrator
(607) 255-2690
115 Savage Hall

Brenda Daniels
(607) 255-8443
108 Savage Hall

Molly Berwald
Assistant to the Director
(607) 255-8001
127 Savage Hall

Jean Miller
Events Coordinator
(607) 255-3206
133 Savage Hall

Julia Felice
Acting Associate Director Undergraduate Studies
(607) 255-2651
B17 Savage Hall

Terry Mingle
Undergraduate Field Assistant
(607) 255-4410
B21 Savage Hall

DoraLee Knuppenburg
Graduate Field Assistant
(607) 255-2628
B19 Savage Hall

Please use this form for questions specific to the Division of Nutritional Sciences. Questions about the admissions process should be directed to either the College of Human Ecology's admissions office or the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' admissions office. 

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