• Preventing Osteoporosis and Promoting Bone Mass in Asian Populations Using a Food-based Approach
    Study Investigators: Prapaisiri Sirichakwal, PhD; Wantanee Kriengsinyos, PhD; Prapasri Puwastien, PhD; Surat Komintr, PhD; Somsri Chareonkiatkul, PhD; Uruwan Yamborisut, PhD; Achiraya Kumchan, MS
    Study Investigators: Suzana Shahar, PhD; Hasnah Haron Doctoral Student; Amin Ismail, PhD; NorAzmi Kamaruddin, PhD; Suriah Abdul, PhD
    Funded by: International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA)

  • Determinants of Neonatal Iron Homeostasis in Women Carrying Multiples
    Study Co-Investigators: Eva Pressman, MD; Ronnie Guillet MD, PhD; and Elizabeth Cooper, CNM,RD

    Specific Aims:
    1. To learn more about iron status in women having twins and triplets and to see how maternal iron status influences the amount of iron that is present in babies at birth
    2. Maternal weight gain, hematological measures, Fe status indicators and serum hepcidin will be longitudinally assessed across pregnancy in women carrying multiples during routine blood testing for alpha-feroprotein.
    3. Cord blood will be obtained from each neonate at delivery.
    4. Inflammatory markers (CRP IL-6) will be measured in all maternal and cord blood samples and related to outcomes.

    Study Population: 140 pregnant adolescents (age 11-18 y) and their newborn infants
    Funded by: Gerber Foundation

  • Vitamin D: Status Impacts Inflammation and Risk of Infections During Pregnancy
    Principal Investigator: Kimberly O'Brien
    Funded by: USDA

  • Impact of Maternal Diet and Dietary Beliefs on Fetal Fat Accretion and Neonatal Birth Outcomes in Pregnant Adolescents
    Principal Investigator (Post-Doctoral Fellowship): Corrie Whisner
    Principal Investigator: Kimberly O'Brien
    Funded by: USDA

  • Bioavailabilty of Iron from Lentils
    Principal Investigator: Kimberly O'Brien
    Sponsoring Agency: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Society

  • Genotype: Fe Absorption
    Principal Invsitgator (PhD student): Chang Cao
    Principal Investigator: Kimberly O'Brien
    Funded by: Cornell CVG Award