Gaining experience in dietetics is an important component of your preparation for supervised practice in dietetics. Experience better informs your decision to pursue training in dietetics, builds on foundation knowledge, and assists with your skill development in key areas of dietetics education. 

Supervised practice program directors will evaluate applications for evidence of breadth and depth of dietetics-related experiences. It is wise to build a strong portfolio of experiences prior to applying to supervised practice.

DNS allows for field experiences to be completed for academic credit through NS 4020 Supervised Fieldwork. Opportunities in clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, long term care, management, and dietetics leadership have been developed for dietetics students looking to grow their portfolio of experiencewhile on campus. Please reach out to the DPD director to discuss offerings. *Note that the DPD director can also help to facilitate a new NS 4020 experience for students in many cases if a student identifies an RD/RDN or dietetics worksite they want to work with for this course offering. 

Guidelines for each opportunity are available here.

See below for a list of current NS 4020 supervised fieldwork opportunities (as of March 2024):

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