Flavia Scott, HEAA Outstanding Senior Awardee 2024

Flavia Scott 2024

Flavia Scott ‘24
Human Biology, Health, and Society

Flavia shares Human Ecology’s commitment to improving lives, as reflected in her curiosity and dedication to advancing the science of human thriving. Working across disciplines with professors from the psychology department and Weill Cornell, Flavia took part in research exploring the impact caregiver support has on health outcomes in older adults. With aid from the Human Ecology Summer Stipend and Alan D. Mathios Research and service grant, she completed an honors thesis on the factors associated with physicians’ discussion of caregivers’ needs and risks in primary care. 

Flavia has also been committed to academic work at Cornell, serving as a writing tutor and mentor for the Knight Writing Institute, and working as a teaching assistant for Auto-tutorial Physics (PHYS 1101 and 1102) and Introductory Biology Lab (BIOG 1500). 

Outside the classroom, Flavia worked with various partners to create a better-informed community – both on campus and beyond. Flavia served as a Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS) Student Advisor, Co-Chair of the DNS Student Advisory Board, and Senior Advisor and Co-President of the Cornell Healthcare Review, a campus publication with around 150 members. She also served as the Undergraduate Director and volunteer with Vaccination Conversations with Scientists (VaCS), a grassroots organization created to educate the community about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines to boost protection across the Ithaca area. 

In addition to this honor, Flavia’s research, leadership, and service to the Human Ecology and Cornell community have been recognized by the 2023 Florence Halpern Award, 2024 Elsie Van Buren Rice First Prize, and the Sphinx Head Senior Honor Society. 

After graduation, Flavia is applying to medical school while working at Weill Cornell’s Global Women’s Research Initiative, which addresses the gender gap in global health leadership. She would like to thank the Alumni Board, her two wonderful mentors, Dr. Catherine Riffin and Dr. Corinna E. Loeckenhoff, and her friends, parents and loved ones for this honor.