Osei Boateng, HEAA Recent Alumni Achievement Award 2024

Osei Boateng 2024

Osei Boateng ’18, Sloan ‘20
Human Biology, Health & Society, Health Administration
Founder, Executive Director of OKB Hope Foundation

With the mission of improving human lives, Osei has expanded access to health care in his native Ghana since 2017 when he founded the OKB Hope Foundation. Understanding that many Ghanaians, including his own relatives, were being lost to preventable and treatable diseases, Osei decided to take action to have a positive impact on health outcomes for people in rural and underserved communities in Ghana.

Using Human Ecology’s approach of viewing complex problems from multiple perspectives and finding holistic solutions, the OKB Hope Foundation has several initiatives to provide consistent, quality health care across Ghana. OKB Hope is currently training community-based health advocates, providing technology to connect those in remote areas with providers, offering mental health services, and operating mobile clinics with experienced practitioners and medical supplies.

Osei’s tireless work to improve health care in Ghana has led to his being named a Global Young Changer and CNN Hero.

Osei Boateng 2024