Dr. Saurabh Mehta has won a State University of New York (SUNY) Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence during the 2018-2019 academic year. The statewide award recognizes faculty and staff at SUNY colleges who have consistently demonstrated professional achievements that sustain intellectual vibrancy, advance the boundaries of knowledge, provide the highest quality of instruction, and serve the public good. Dr. Mehta, awarded for Scholarship and Creative Activities, focuses his work as a physician and epidemiologist with expertise in infectious disease, nutrition, maternal and child health, and diagnostics, centering on the interplay between nutrition and infection, and his interdisciplinary approach includes the development of field-friendly methods to assess both nutrition and infection.

Dr. Mehta’s cutting-edge program leverages modern technological approaches leading to research that is elucidating how nutritional status can be modified to improve outcomes for mothers during pregnancy and for their infants in the period of early childhood. Currently, he is the Principal Investigator on two large randomized trials to determine the effect of delivering micronutrients through biofortified crops on nutrition and immune function in infants in India.

Rachel Dunifon
Interim Dean, college of Human Ecology

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