Susan Ashdown
Professor Emerita
(607) 255-1929
Research interests: interactions between apparel design and technology, and the changes that are occurring in the way that apparel is designed, produced, and distributed using new and developing technologies; sizing and fit of apparel; use of three dimensional body scanning; creation of sizing systems for target markets; sizing, fit, and function of protective clothing.

Fatma Baytar
Assistant Professor
(607) 255-9306
Research interests:digital technologies; particularly 3-D virtual prototyping and 3-D body scanning; and examining how these technologies transform apparel design processes and products. She is passionate about gaining deep knowledge on the capabilities of these technologies as well as users’ interactions with them.

Chih-Chang Chu
Rebecca Q. Morgan '60 Professor
(607) 255-1938
Research interests: synthesis of biodegradable polymers and hydrogels having biologic functions for wound closure, drug control/release and tissue engineering use; design and development of hydrogel-textile hybrids as the substrates for tissue engineering and the study of Rapamycin-impregnated biodegradable biomaterials for treating cardiovascular disorders.

Margaret Frey
Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, Interim Dept. Chair
(607) 255-1937
Research interests: electrospun sensor assemblies; cellulose dissolution and fiber formation; electrospun controlled absorption, timed-release fabrics (controlled absorption and release of chemicals); micro and nanofibers for filter media (efficiency of air filter media).

Denise Green
Assistant Professor
Research interests: cultural studies of style and fashion; ethnographic practice; documentary film production; Native American textiles and regalia; history of anthropology; textile printing and dyeing; space and place studies; museum studies and curatorial practice.

Yasser Gowayed
Research interests: developing computational models and experimental techniques to further the understanding of the mechanical and thermal behavior of polymer and ceramic matrix composites.

Juan Hinestroza
Associate Professor
Research interests: textile nanotechnology and smart fibers: functional nanolayers; functional nanofibers; transport phenomena in complex interfaces.

Ann Lemley
Professor Emerita
Research interests: fast, convenient methods to degrade contaminants and decrease toxicity in groundwater, surface water, or wastewater; use of an electrochemical system employing an advanced oxidation treatment system method (Fenton chemistry) to degrade low levels of pesticides in water; measurement of pesticide residues in home settings to understand their source and the exposure of occupants, particularly children.

Tasha Lewis
Assistant Professor
(607) 255-1973
Research interests: the disruptive impact of technology in the apparel industry, the behavior of fashion brands, global and  domestic apparel production ("glocalization") issues, and the significance of social responsibility and sustainability throughout the global apparel supply chain.

Van Dyk Lewis
Associate Professor
(607) 255-1930
Research interests: factors surrounding men's thinking about fashion; the way people contribute meaning and substance to the fashion system; activity and phenomena of fashion: primed by the contention that fashion is led and modified through dynamic interpretations made by innovative consumers of fashion and not the media.

Anil Netravali
Jean and Douglas McLean Professor in Fiber Science & Apparel Design and Director of Graduate Studies
(607) 255-1875
Research interests: development of fully degradable, fully sustainable, environment-friendly 'green' composites; development of 'green' nanocomposites; surface modification of high strength fibers to improve/control their bonding to various resins; development of fiber composite based micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS).

S. Kay Obendorf
Professor Emerita
Research interests: development of a predictive model for protection and comfort performance of porous protective clothing; further understand fiber and polymer morphology; soils on textile materials and their removal: distribution of oil within the fabric and fiber structure.

Huiju Park
Associate Professor
(607) 255-0185
Research interests: thermal comfort and mobility of clothing; Design, development and evaluation of protective clothing; Smart clothing development; Footwear comfort; Athletic products and performance.

Tamer Uyar
Associate Professor
Research interests: nanofibers and nanomaterials with novel functionalities for potential applications in NanoTextiles, Environmental/Filtration/Water Treatment, NanoBiotechnology, Catalysis, Food and Food Packaging, Sensors, Energy, NanoAgriculture, Nanocomposites.