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Resources listed here emphasize skill building, science exploration, design analysis, consumer awareness, and community engagement. Developed by Cornell faculty and students, they are appropriate for use by school-age childcare programs, scouts, schools, science centers, and other youth agencies.

The Activewear Advantage

To learn about the materials, design considerations, and STEM  involved in designing activewear, check out the materials below, developed with funding from the New York State 4-H Foundation. 

The Fabric Flight Connection

The Fabric Flight Connection is a handbook detailing principles of flight, fibrous materials used in flight, the function of garments in relation to materials, resources, and activities that relate to flight and fabric. It may be used as a tool for students from elementary to high school.

In-Touch Science

In-Touch Science, an NSF-sponsored program, helps children in grades 3-5 to understand the science connection between different fields of study and to recognize science concepts in their daily experiences. In-Touch Science resources include training modules, evaluation reports, workshops and more. Projects include:

4-H Clothing Curriculum

 An introduction to non-sewing or minimal sewing textile activities such as weaving and tie-dyeing.

Fabrications introduces basic weaving techniques for young people to learn to weave, braid, twine, wrap and loop yarns into a decorative textile.  A culminating team design challenge utilizes all of these structures.  The activities are available below in individual and collective pdf formats. 

  • Weaving Plain, Cork Coaster
  • Weaving Twill, Cork Coaster
  • Weaving Satin, Cork Coaster
  • Braiding, Bracelet
  • Wrapping, Keychain
  • Twining, Basket
  • Ghiordes knot, mini-rug or coaster
  • Weaving, placemat
  • Design Challenge

A community service project that encourages youth to make research-based, age-appropriate recreational items for persons who have Alzheimer's disease. Patterns and detailed instructions are included for 16 items such as sensory vests, fleecy muffs, message magnets, and stress balls.