Recruit Design students

Human Centered Design combines innovative design thinking with insightful design research to understand how the built environment impacts our daily lives. Through multi-disciplinary training in human-centered design, environmental psychology, ergonomics, and facility strategy and management we tackle problems from a systems view – people, process, and place – to create strategic, sustainable, and healthy futures by design.


If you interested in participating in our  spring recruitment event, PURSUIT, contact Sienna Torbitt

Post your job opening

If you would like your job opening advertised to current students, there are two options to consider:

  • We can include your job posting in our weekly e-newsletter.  Email us with your job posting information.
  • Or you can post your positions directly on Handshake, Cornell University’s recruitment system.

Travel to Ithaca

If interested in traveling to Ithaca to conduct interviews with students across the entire campus, contact:
Employer Services Operations Lead