For the Fiber Science option, students will explore the physical, chemical, and engineering properties of fibrous materials and their applications, including biomedical materials, advanced engineering composites, geotextiles, and protective clothing, as well as the more traditional applications found in apparel and interiors.  In addition to foundation courses in basic sciences, the requirements include courses in Fiber Science and related fields. There is considerable flexibility in this curriculum that will permit the student to develop their program around their special interests, in collaboration with their adviser.

Students will be able to take courses in other departments of the College and the University. During the summers and occasionally during the winter break many students will do internships to explore aspects of the industry and gain experience. These internships can be done for credit, under the department internship guidelines. Many students also study abroad, usually during the spring of the junior year, an important experience for anyone preparing for a career in this global industry. Students may elect to conduct independent research or pursue an honors project.

Download the curriculum and a sample schedule worksheet for the Fiber Science option.

To apply to the Fiber Science program, please contact Human Ecology undergraduate Admissions.

Fiber Science graduates might consider the following careers:

Fabric Sourcing Specialist
Materials Specialists for Activewear, Shoes, Outdoor Gear, or Protective Clothing
Product Developer
Textile Testing Technologist
Product Developer
Patent Examiner
Graduate School towards Academic Careers or Medical School