Alumni Affairs and Development along with the Human Ecology Alumni Association Board Members and Young Alumni Council members play a critical role in assuring that from the moment students enter the College of Human Ecology, they have opportunities to interact with alumni, helping to strengthen the possibility they will become actively engaged with the College for years to come. Read more about a few of the ways alumni are actively engaging our students. If you would like to participate in any of the opportunities below, please contact

Student to Alumni Lifecycle

Alumni Affairs and Development and its volunteers offer students interactive events and activities to help them navigate their journeys as undergraduates and prepare them for lives as alumni.

Student to Alumni Lifecycle Events:

An evening event and informal panel discussion featuring current upperclassmen and local young alumni to share advice on what they wish they had known when they were first-year students.

When: Fall | Host: Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Council (DUAC)

An evening event with dinner, followed by presentations by alumni.  Alumni speakers will target their messaging to 2nd-year students with practical career advice and by inspiring them to think about who they are, their passions, their goals (personal and career-related), and to realize their power and ability to achieve those goals.  The event will include a robust and interactive Q&A session. An excellent event which comes at a crucial time in their college experience. The topics covered help guide students as they give more thought to what they’re passionate about as they begin considering who they want to become and why. 

When: Winter | Host: Human Ecology Young Alumni Council (HEYA)

An event with alumni focused on “career essentials” with stations for students to gain knowledge about specific industries and careers, navigating interviews, resume and cover letter best practices, how to navigate interviews and career networking events, gap year and post-grad options (medical, law, and grad school), plus more. The event will feature 20-minute sessions where students can move from station to station. Reception food and drink will be served.  

When: Fall | Host: Alumni Assoc. Board (HEAA)

Evening reception and networking with members of the Dean’s Advisory Council and other alumni; champagne toast and congratulatory message from the Dean and Advisory Council chairman. Seniors who attend receive a special “welcome to the Alumni Association” gift.

When: Spring | Host: Dean’s Advisory Council

Human Ecology Alumni Association Student Grants

The Human Ecology Alumni Association Board helps to increase awareness of the alumni network by awarding grants each semester to more than 10 students who are seeking to further their personal academic interests. Students are encouraged to submit their grant applications for a variety of pursuits including, independent research, service projects, conferences and summer coursework.

Student Recruitment

The Human Ecology Alumni Association Career Networking committee is helping to make connections with top employers who might be interested in hiring or offering internships to our incredibly talented students.

Career Explorations

Alumni Affairs and Development meet with students to explore their career aspirations with the goal of connecting them with our engaged alumni who can offer their valued insights and experiences.