I trust we have laid the foundation of an university — ‘an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.’

Ezra Cornell, October 7, 1868

Read about just a few of the areas that would benefit from your support:

At the heart of Cornell and Human Ecology is our unique commitment to “any person … any study” and needs-blind admissions, which allows us to focus on the merits of students rather than their ability to pay for college. Roughly half of the College’s undergraduate students receive financial aid, and the average aid package is approximately $24,000 a year. With the total financial aid bill costing the College more than $14 million a year, Annual Fund dollars have been critical in helping meet the needs of our talented and deserving students.

Almost 80 percent of Human Ecology students are conducting research alongside our esteemed faculty members, more than at any other undergraduate college at Cornell. Hands-on research is a cornerstone of the Human Ecology education. Each spring semester, the College offers stipends using gifts from the Annual Fund to support up to 15 students who are staying on campus during the summer months to continue their research. These stipends give them the flexibility to focus on their work rather than worry about making ends meet.

CIPA awards the Master of Public Administration degree to the public policy leaders of tomorrow. A critical piece of their hands-on training happens in Laurie Miller’s CIPA Capstone class. The course challenges students to partner with nonprofit, for-profit and government organizations around the world to solve problems related to strategic planning, fundraising, program evaluation and more. In recent years, students have consulted with clients in Ithaca, Washington, D.C., India, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico and Panama. Thanks to the Annual Fund, students have been able to travel all over the world to work one-on-one with clients and provide effective solutions to their business needs. 

With $300,000 in startup funding from the Annual Fund, the College of Human Ecology and the School of Hotel Administration have teamed up to create an academic venture designed to address modern health care challenges. The Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (CIHF) is believed to be the world’s first academic center to combine the disciplines of hospitality, design, health policy and management. CIHF engages industry and academic partners to improve service in health care, wellness, senior living and related sectors.

The Cornell MRI Facility, based in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, helps researchers across campus obtain highly detailed images for a broad range of scientific studies involving humans, small animals, plants and biomedical materials. It greatly enhances Cornell’s resources for analyzing and visualizing research data, leading to new areas of investigation. In neuroscience, for instance, the technology helps to bridge the behavioral and biological sciences, making it possible to observe the human brain in action as people make decisions or respond to stimuli. Faculty members are provided grants from the Annual Fund to explore these various scientific investigations that will ultimately benefit those in our community.

The college’s digital design and fabrication studio is a builder’s paradise filled with computer-driven routers, saws, drill presses, sanders and lathes, along with a laser cutter for detail work and a high-end 3D printer. The studio spans multiple floors in the Human Ecology Building. Thanks to the Annual Fund, if students and faculty can dream it, they can build it, working with shop technicians on ideas for furniture, clothing and other products. The studio is used for classes as well as research, allowing faculty and students to test concepts or build parts and components they can’t get elsewhere.

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