Dear Entering FSAD students,

Welcome to the Fiber Science & Apparel Design Department. We look forward to meeting you soon.

When you arrive at Cornell, each of you will be assigned an academic advisor, an FSAD faculty member with whom you can discuss topics such as course selection, progress toward graduation, and career plans. The best advice we can offer as you begin your education at Cornell is that you get to know your academic advisor. You will have opportunity to meet during Orientation and obtain contact information. Take the initiative to keep in touch with your academic advisor throughout your time at Cornell.  Feel free to contact the FSAD Director of Undergraduate Studies at any time with additional questions about course requirements, course substitutions, internship credit requirements, study abroad credit, and other curricular issues.

Now, on to registering for classes:

FOR STUDENTS ENTERING AS FRESHMEN, I encourage you to focus on required courses during your first and second semesters at Cornell. This will enable you to gain familiarity with the curriculum and build pre-requisites for upper level courses. When you access your Student Center, you will find that you have been pre-enrolled in FSAD core requirement courses for the Fall semester. This is the department's effort to ensure your spot in limited enrollment courses that required for your indicated interest. We would strongly advise you not to drop the pre-enrolled courses because there may not be space for you the following year, when priority will be given to the next class.

FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE TRANSFERRING INTO FSAD, your starting place in the process of registering for courses is to study the credit evaluation information that you received from the College of Human Ecology Registrar's Office. This information will tell you how your transfer credits are being counted towards requirements for the FSAD major you chose. With this information in hand, you can use the suggested schedule for FSAD to check off requirements you already have met and to plan your course selection for the upcoming semester. If you have not received this information, please contact the CHE Registrar's Office directly.

We hope this brief introduction will answer some of your questions. We are eager to meet you! 


Frances Kozen
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design