Educational Resources

We recommend the following resources for educators interested in helping farm workers and gardeners protect themselves from pesticides:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guides

These brochures help pesticide handlers/workers comply with the Worker Protection Standard. Charts explain how to interpret PPE statements on the pesticide label. Series titles are:

  • Avoiding Heat Stress (pdf)
  • Clothing Layers for Added Protection (pdf)
  • Choosing Chemical-Resistant PPE (pdf) (includes EPA Chemical Resistance Category Selection Chart)
  • Coveralls, Gloves, and Other Skin Protection (pdf)
  • Inspecting, Maintaining, and Replacing PPE (pdf)
  • Protective Eyewear (pdf)

Tips for Laundering Pesticide-Contaminated Clothing

Read this useful information for your laundry room.

Faculty Research

Research by FSAD Faculty focuses on reducing pesticide exposure to certified handlers, occupational workers, and their families.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Design of Protective Clothing
  • Surface Modification of Fibers
  • Decontamination of Pesticide-soiled Clothing
  • Practices and Attitudes of Pesticide Applicators in Regard to Personal Protective Equipment
  • Compliance With the Worker Protection Standard
  • Influence of Pesticide Application Equipment on Clothing Needs of Applicator
  • Children's Exposure to Pesticides
  • Indoor Exposure to Pesticides

Also see the NC-170 Regional Research Project on Personal Protective Technology for Current and Emerging Occupational Hazards.


In-service education is offered to pesticide applicators through the Health Environmental and Pesticide Safety Education Program, Pesticide Management and Education Program (PMEP) at Cornell University.