The Department of Design + Environmental Analysis offers a minor in Design Strategy. This minor provides students with an understanding of design thinking and practice through the production of designed artifacts. The Design Strategy minor may be of particular interest to students from Information Science, Computer Science, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and other Engineering departments who are seeking design studies that compliment and may partly overlap with their technical understanding. The Design Strategy minor is meant to help prepare students to design more holistically in response to today’s complex challenges and opportunities.


To be considered for the Minor in Design Strategy, students must not be a D+EA major.


Earning a minor in Design Strategy requires a minimum of 17 credits within D+EA. See Application to Graduate with a Minor in Design Strategy for detailed course requirements and a list of eligible electives. Only D+EA courses may be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor. Courses must be completed as letter grade with a grade of B- or better. Courses offered only as S/U are accepted but must not exceed a total of 3 credits toward the credit requirement for the minor.


Start by taking the two core courses required for the Design Strategy Minor. Submit the Intention to Minor in Design Strategy form after successfully completing the two core courses requirement. To receive consideration or priority in D+EA course enrollment, a completed Intention to Minor in Design Strategy form must have been submitted prior to the semester in which enrollment is desired. Formally declaring intent to minor in Design Strategy does not guarantee enrollment in D+EA courses. The minor is self-guided. Some courses require prerequisites so careful planning by the student is warranted.


Course credits from institutions other than Cornell or from academic units at Cornell other than D+EA cannot be counted towards the minor in Design Strategy.


During the semester in which the student plans to graduate, s/he must submit a completed Application to Graduate with a Minor in Design Strategy to D+EA's Academic Programs Coordinator ( The current version of requirements for a Minor in Design Strategy is used to evaluate the completion of the minor. If the Intention to Minor form has been submitted, the student has the option to make a request to use the earlier version of requirements in-effect at the time the Intention to Minor form was submitted to D+EA. After verification by D+EA that all requirements for the minor have been completed, the student’s college registrar will be notified and the final transcript will indicate that a Minor in Design Strategy was earned.


Contact Dr. So-Yeon Yoon (, D+EA Director of Undergraduate Studies or D+EA's Academic Programs Coordinator ( in 1411 MVR for questions.