To be considered for the Minor in D+EA, students must not be a D+EA major.


Earning a D+EA minor requires a minimum of 15 credits within D+EA, including three required core courses (DEA1101, DEA1110 or DEA1200, and DEA1500) and two upper level DEA thematic courses. See Application to Graduate with a Minor in D+EA for detailed course requirements and a list of eligible electives. Only D+EA courses may be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor. Courses must be completed as letter grade with a grade of B- or better. Courses offered only as S/U are accepted but must not exceed a total of 3 credits toward the credit requirement for the minor.


Start by taking the 3 core courses required for the D+EA Minor. Submit the Intention to Minor in D+EA form after successfully completing the 3 core courses requirement. To receive consideration or priority in D+EA course enrollment, a completed Intention to Minor in D+EA form must have been submitted prior to the semester in which enrollment is desired. Formally declaring intent to minor in D+EA does not guarantee enrollment in D+EA courses. The minor is self-guided. Some courses require prerequisites so careful planning by the student is warranted.


Course credits from institutions other than Cornell or from academic units at Cornell other than D+EA cannot be counted towards the minor in Design + Environmental Analysis.


During the semester in which the student plans to graduate, s/he must submit a completed Application to Graduate with a Minor in D+EA to DEA's Academic Programs Coordinator (deaundergrad@cornell.edu). The current version of requirements for a Minor in D+EA is used to evaluate the completion of the minor. If the Intention to Minor form has been submitted, the student has the option to make a request to use the earlier version of requirements in-effect at the time the Intention to Minor form was submitted to D+EA. After verification by D+EA that all requirements for the minor have been completed, the student’s college registrar will be notified and the final transcript will indicate that a Minor in D+EA was earned.


Contact Dr. So-Yeon Yoon (sy492@cornell.edu), DEA Director of Undergraduate Studies or DEA's Academic Programs Coordinator (deaundergrad@cornell.edu) in 1411 MVR for questions.