2013 Recent Alumni Achievement Recipients
Charter Members of the Human Ecology Young Alumni Council

The 2013 award is being given in recognition of the founding of the Human Ecology Young Alumni Council to the twenty-four Charter Members of this Council - 24 diverse individuals from all Human Ecology departments, from all across the country, from different class years.

LEADERSHIP The Charter Members of the Human Ecology Young Alumni Council were instrumental in launching the Council in the fall of 2012. The Council is an initiative that will have a long-term impact on alumni engagement, volunteer leadership, and the mission of the College. Each Charter Member of the Council served in a leadership role while at Cornell and were selected to serve on the Council based on their success and accomplishments as students and for their enthusiasm and desire to make a difference in the future of the College, its current students, and the Human Ecology Alumni Association.

INITIATIVE Based on their vision, the Charter Members undertook the launch of this new initiative with a professional, businesslike approach. In their organization they focused on being inclusive and approached the founding of the Council with enthusiasm and eagerness to work for their College and make a difference. As a team, they expressed creativity, innovation, determination, and selflessness in developing a program that kept within their vision and purpose - staying true to their mission of alumni outreach and engagement.

VISION Through their leadership, the Charter Members have played a vital role in advancing future alumni engagement, its impact and lasting benefits for the College. Their vision is to both build and strengthen connections between recent Human Ecology graduates and the College, and between alumni and current students. They established a purpose and direction that was both practical and flexible.

SERVICE Through this new initiative the Charter Members of the Council are an example of why the College of Human Ecology has always been known for graduating students who have gone on to volunteer for organizations and causes that both improve and respond to human needs. Charter Members place a high priority on giving back to the College in their willingness to serve in this high-level volunteer activity. They contribute by either serving on a committee, organizing an activity, or helping with a Council-sponsored program. Council members have also joined local Cornell Clubs, donated to the Human Ecology Annual Fund, attended events as Council representatives, met with current students for career networking, initiated industry-related career networking events, assisted in the Human Ecology social media presence, and supported the Human Ecology Alumni Affairs & Development office in outreach and engagement

Samru Abraha ’12 Brittany Jarrett ’12 Samantha Rubin ’11
Rachel Barry ’08 Ashley Jeanlus ’11 Emily Silverstein ’08
Samantha Berg ’09 Darin Jones ’10 Jay Velasco ’10
Amelia Brown ’12 Rachael Kermis ’12 Zig Wu ’11
Natanya DeWeese ’09 Irene Leung ’11 Liz Zorn ’10
David DyTang ’12 Amanda Mazzota ’12 Megan Zuckerman ’06 (HEAA Board Rep)
Nate Houghton ’11 Sara Patterson ’08  
Jessica Hsieh ’07 John Rhee ’12  
Tracey Hsu ’10 Marion Robine ’12