Welcome to the Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design! We are looking forward to having you join our program. The information on this page will help you with course selection for your first semester. The schedule you should follow will vary, depending on your choice of option (Apparel Design, Fashion Design Management or Fiber Science option) within this department.

We have pre-registered you for the FSAD courses to get you started on the preferred option that you indicated on your application. If you have decided that you prefer a different option, no problem, you can change this set of classes. Just make sure that the core FSAD courses for the option of your choice are in your schedule. Courses need to be taken in sequence to make sure you graduate on time.

Apparel Design Option I requires a very specific sequence of studio courses. If you think Option I might be (or definitely is) the one for you, sign up for the Option I course sequence. It is much easier to switch from Option I to Options II or III than the other way around. If you don't take the Apparel Design Option I courses in your first semester you might find it difficult switch to Option I later without delaying graduation.

If you are a transfer student, be sure to sign up for the FSAD required courses for your chosen option. Additional courses for you will depend on what courses you are transferring in; this information will be available by August 19 for orientation, when you will be able to consult with your adviser. However, meanwhile you can review the curriculum sheets for the option, reached through the links below, and sign up for courses that would fill other requirements.

You will also be able to make changes to your schedule during orientation in August, when you meet with your adviser. In addition, it is possible and quite normal, to add or drop classes during the first part of the semester. In other words, whatever decisions you make today regarding your schedule can be changed later.

Your choices are:

Fashion Design Management Option 1: Apparel Design

The Apparel Design option focuses on the fashion design process. Students take a sequence of studio courses with a strong visual emphasis, manipulating form, color and fabrics; they learn to apply design methods using a problem solving approach. They also take courses in the social, economic, and historical aspects of design.

Option 2: Fashion Design Management

Fashion Design Management applies management and marketing principles to apparel industry and consumer issues. It focuses on the processes used to develop, manufacture, and distribute apparel and textile products globally and examines topics such as product development, the impact of developing technologies, advertising and marketing, fashion media, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Fiber Science

The Fiber Science concentration teaches the physical, chemical, and engineering properties of fibrous materials and their applications, including biomedical materials, advanced engineering composites, geotextiles, and protective clothing, as well as the more traditional applications found in apparel and interiors.