FSAD offers a Minor in Fashion Studies that requires a minimum of 12-13 credit hours of work within FSAD. There can be no substitution for the required courses for the minor. You will need to complete the Application to graduate with a Minor in Fashion Studies.  Please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for more information if you intend to minor in Fiber Science.  Declaring intent to minor will grant you access to department communication as well as some priority in course enrollment.

Course Requirements
In order to earn a minor in Fashion Study, a student must complete the following requirements in sequence:

One course (3-4 credits) from the followings:
FSAD 1140 Fashion Computer-Aided Design
FSAD 1170 Fashion Graphics  
FSAD 1250 Fashion, Art & Design Thinking  
FSAD 1350/1360 Fibers, Fabrics, and Finishes  

One course (3 credits) from the followings:
FSAD 2190 Fashion, Aesthetics and Society
FSAD 2370 Structural Fabric Design – prerequisite: FSAD1350
FSAD 2310 Fashion Product Management

Two courses (6 credits) from the followings:
FSAD 3250 Color and Surface Design of Textiles
FSAD 3320 Product Quality Assessment - Prerequisites: FSAD1350/1360 and FSAD2370, recommended: a statistics course
FSAD 4440 Global Fashion Management – Prerequisites FSAD 2310 or economics course
FSAD 4660 Textiles, Apparel, and Innovation – Prerequisites: FSAD1350/1360 & FSAD2370
*FSAD 6219 Fashion & Beauty
*FSAD 6900 Functional Aspects of Design and Clothing
*FSAD 6415 Anthropology of the Fashioned Body
*FSAD 6500 Fashion, Media, and Technology – Prerequisite: FSAD2310 or consumer behavior or communication course
*FSAD 6640 Graduate Studies in Apparel Design
*FSAD 6700 Fashion Theory

TOTAL Credits required [12-13]

Admission Requirements
Students complete the Intention to Minor in Fashion Study form to be given preference for admission to Fashion Study courses that are oversubscribed. Forms are available from the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

Submit the form any time after you have completed at least one of the courses required for the minor. Keep a copy of the form for reference. Note that to receive any consideration or priority in Fashion Study course enrollment, a form must have been submitted prior to the semester in which enrollment is desired. Formally declaring intent to minor in Fashion Study does not guarantee that a student will be able to take a given Fashion Study course in a given semester.

Plan a course of study to complete minor requirements. Keeping track of courses required and completed toward the minor is the student’s responsibility; students will not be assigned a Fashion Design advisor. Only Fashion Study courses may be used to satisfy the requirement of the minor.

Students must earn a grade of B- or better in each course required by the minor.

No later than the semester in which you are planning to graduate, submit a copy of the Application to Graduate with a Minor in Fashion Study form, and an unofficial copy of your transcript by the Class Drop date to room T57 HEB. After it has been verified that you have completed all of the requirements for the minor, your college registrar will be notified, and your final transcript will indicate that you have earned a minor in Fashion Study.

Fiber Science students are not allowed to obtain Fashion Studies Minor.

Questions should be addressed to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.