HEAA President's letter

Rachel Casanova ’95 and David Peck '91

We hope that this update finds you and your family well. As we reflect on the past two years being the co-presidents of the HEAA Board of Directors, it’s become immensely clear that the inspiration and activity of volunteering is something that we believe collectively improves the lives of many. It is not solely the giving of financial resources, but also bestowing one’s perspective, hard work and experiences that truly makes a difference.

We’d also like to thank all of you for “voicing your voice” when our College was subject to being reimagined into a new entity. Your thoughtful letters and emails made a difference and contributed to our board’s letter to university leadership. The administration’s final decision, to keep Human Ecology intact and to form a separate School of Public Policy, will serve the university community well. Here are highlights of a few amazing events and initiatives of the board that occurred since our last letter:

• We held our annual signature event for over 100 Cornell alumni in January. The event, A Window into Wellness: a conversation on how healthy lifestyles enhance well-being, featured – Lindsay Boyd ’98, Leslie Josel ’85, Ian Shea ’96, and Wendy Sterling ’99.

Our support for student research and service continued this year, through the Alan D. Mathios Research & Service Grants. We contributed $12,100 and offered 9 students funding to support projects such as, a student’s project to implant sensors using RFID tags in socks or shoes to detect symptoms of Idiopathic Toe Walking.

• Several members of the HEAA Board hosted the third annual student Finance Exploration Field Trip to New York City. Fifteen first-year students and sophomores took part in this immersive trip, visiting eight finance firms and participating in a networking reception to meet Human Ecology alumni in various areas of the finance industry.

• The Human Ecology Young Alumni Council organized five industry-based career panels for students this spring. Alumni from DEA, FSAD, HD, PAM, and NS shared work experience and relevant advice on internships, graduate school, their career path, and the value of their Human Ecology education.

As we step down from our role as co-presidents on June 30th, we’re pleased to welcome the board’s new leadership: President, Andrea Danziger ’88, Vice President, Lori I. Greene ’92, Secretary, Mike Siegel ’97, and Treasurer, Lisa Drayer ’96.

We feel honored to have had a front row seat to bear witness to the remarkable work being done by our fellow board members, alumni, faculty, and students. We are extremely excited and optimistic about what the future holds for the College of Human Ecology.


Rachel Casanova ’95 David Peck ’91

Co-Presidents, Human Ecology Alumni Association Board

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