Ashley Jeanlus, 2011 HEAA Outstanding Senior Awardee

An exceptional student, campus leader, and community volunteer, Ashley exemplifies the College’s mission to integrate academics and outreach to improve the human condition. Ashley volunteers with Ithaca’s Saturday Science and Math Academy, a program to inspire local minority students toward an interest in science and math. She has helped to develop the Discover New York Series, a partnership with local educators to fund field trips for underrepresented youth to important historical and cultural landmarks across the state. The trips, to such places as the Erie Canal, National Women’s Hall of Fame, and National Soaring Museum, connect to area schools’ curriculum.

A first-generation Haitian American, Ashley is the president of the Cornell Haitian Students Association, where she seeks to raise awareness and funds in support of Haiti and its people and culture. She serves as vice president of Sphinx Head Senior Honor Society, Cornell’s oldest senior honor society, and as vice president of events and publicity for the Senior Class Campaign. Ashley is the Clinton Global Initiative campus representative for Cornell, and co-chair of Cornell’s Black Bio-Medical and Technical Association. A research assistant in the Cornell Infant Studies Lab, she plans to become a doctor focused on health disparities.

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