The presentations below were recorded from the Workshop on Higher Cognition in Adolescents and Young Adults and form the basis for many of the book chapters in The Adolescent Brain. ***Related papers*** by the authors are also available to conference participants (and others by request).

Please click here to download the presentations:

Mark Ashcraft - Upgrading to Math Cognition 2.0: Where We Need to Go

Roberto Cabeza - Neural Correlates of Recollection and Familiarity

Sandra Chapman - Strategic Memory and Reasoning in Teens

Jere Confrey - Learning Trajectories and Rational Number Reasoning

Nancy Dennis - The Neural Correlates of True and False Memory Retrieval

Michael Dougherty - Diagnosing Diagnostic Hypothesis Generation in Adolescents

Adriana Galvan - Risky Behavior in Adolescents: The Role of the Developing Brain

Keith Holyoak - Analogy, Comparative Intelligence, and Brain

Ken Koedinger - Interactive Support for Mathematical Reasoning and Metacognitive Judgments of Learning

David Laibson - Neuroeconomics: The Multiple Systems Hypothesis

Ken McRae - Studying Objects Concepts by Combining Feature Norms, Connectionist Networks, and Modality-specific Representations

Sandra Schneider - Context, Experience and Feelings: Proximal Drivers of Adolescent Reasoning and Decision Making

Dan Schwartz - Why Direct Instruction Earns a C- in Transfer

Vladimir Sloutsky - The Cost of Concreteness in Transfer of Mathematical Knowledge

Keith Stanovich - What Intelligence Tests Miss: Individual Differences in Reasoning Beyond IQ

Mark Steyvers - Extracting Semantic Themes with Topic Models

Patrick Thompson - Foundational Meanings in Support of Advanced Mathematical Thinking Among Adolescents