The Adolescent Brain: Learning, Reasoning and Decision Making


Preface - Valerie F. Reyna

Introduction - Valerie F. Reyna, Sandra B. Chapman, Michael R. Dougherty, and Jere Confrey

I. Foundations

1. Anatomic Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Developing Child and Adolescent Brain - Jay N. Giedd, Michael Stockman, Catherine Weddle, Maria Liverpool, Gregory L. Wallace, Nancy R. Lee, Francois Lalonde, and Rhoshel K. Lenroot

II. Memory, Meaning, and Representation

2. Semantic and Associative Relations in Adolescents and Young Adults: Examining a Tenuous Dichotomy - Ken McRae, Saman Khalkhali, and Mary Hare

3. Representation and Transfer of Abstract Mathematical Concepts in Adolescence and Young Adulthood - Jennifer A. Kaminski and Vladimir M. Sloutsky

4. A Value of Concrete Learning Materials in Adolescence - Kristen P. Blair and Daniel L. Schwartz

5. Higher-Order Strategic Gist-Reasoning in Adolescence - Sandra B. Chapman, Jacquelyn F. Gamino, and Raksha Anand

III. Learning, Reasoning, and Problem Solving

6. Better Measurement of Higher-Cognitive Processes through Learning Trajectories and Diagnostic Assessments in Mathematics: The Challenge in Adolescence - Jere Confrey

7. Adolescent Reasoning in Mathematical and Non-Mathematical Domains: Exploring the Paradox - Eric Knuth, Charles Kalish, Amy Ellis, Caroline Williams, and Mathew Felton

8. Training the Adolescent Brain: Neural Plasticity and the Acquisition of Cognitive Abilities - Sharona M. Atkins, Michael F. Bunting, Donald J. Bolger, and Michael R. Dougherty

9. Higher Cognition is Altered by Non-Cognitive Factors: How Affect Enhances and Disrupts Mathematics Performance in Adolescence and Young Adulthood - Mark H. Ashcraft and Nathan O. Rudig

IV. Judgment and Decision Making

10. Risky Behavior in Adolescents: The Role of the Developing Brain - Adriana Galvan

11. Affective Motivators and Experience in Adolescents’ Development of Health-Related Behavior Patterns - Sandra L. Schneider and Christine M. Caffray

12. Judgment and Decision Making in Adolescence: Separating Intelligence from Rationality - Keith Stanovich, Richard F. West, and Maggie E. Toplak

13. A Fuzzy-Trace Theory of Adolescent Risk Taking: Beyond Self-Control and Sensation Seeking - Christina Chick and Valerie F. Reyna

V. Epilogue

14. Paradoxes in the Adolescent Brain in Cognition, Emotion, and Rationality - Valerie F. Reyna