Information for Researchers

GE Discovery MR750 3T
Bore size: 60 cm
Maximum Field-of-View: 48 x 48 x 48 cm3 
Homogeneity: 0.03 ppm @10 cm, 0.05 ppm @ 20 cm, 0.1 @ 30 cm, 0.25 @ 40 cm 
Peak Gradient Amplitude: 50 mT/m 
Slew Rate: 200 mT/m/s 
Independent Receiver Channel: 32 

MR-compatible LCD monitor for visual stimuli 
MR-compatible headphones for auditory stimuli 
MR-compatible response boxes and interface 
MR-compatible eye tracking camera 

Stimulus PC specification 
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit 
Processor/Memory  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @3.40GHz / 16 GB RAM 

Software installed on Stimulus PC 
E-Prime (version 
Presentation (version 17.1.0515.2014) 
PsychoPy (version 1.83.04) 
Matlab R2013a (version 8.1) 

32 Channel Head Coil

Phased array

Split Head Coil

1 channel birdcage transmit/receive coil

Head-Neck-Spine (HNS) Coil

16 channel phased array

Head and neck coil separate from T and L spine parts

Cardiac Coil

32 channel phased array

Anterior and posterior parts

Torso Coil

32 channel phased array

Anterior and posterior parts

Knee/Foot Coil

1 channel birdcage transmit/receive coil

2 movable parts

Shoulder Coil

2 channel phased array

Effective immediately, scanner usage will be billed at 30 minute increments with the following fee schedule:

  • Default fee: $550/hr
  • Industry initiated + industry sponsored: $1000/hr (billed at 1 hour increments)

***We will honor legacy rates for any previously funded project

We currently use Appointlet to book time with the scanner. Once you have completed a research reactivation plan for your lab please email Each lab will be given two links: 1. protocol development or testing (1hr- you can book as many as needed) 2. data collection (time will be based on individual protocol length). Booking hours are M,W,Th,F 9AM-5pm and T 9:30AM-5PM. 

All personnel involved in scanning at the CMRIF must complete the online safety training. Visit and enter your Cornell username and password. Once logged into CULearn search for "EHS 2960 - MRI Safety for CMRIF Research Use". At the end of the online training you will be required to pass a quiz about the training. The course must be taken yearly the refresher course can also be completed on CU Learn "EHS 2665".