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Study: women leave math-intensive fields when they decide to have kids,

by Susan Kelley
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Motherhood 'Detrimental' to Women's Scientific Careers, Study Concludes

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Motherhood 'detrimental' to women's scientific careers

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Gender Equity on Science Faculties Might Have to Wait a Century, Study Finds,

by Robin Wilson
The Chronicle of Higher Education
February 16, 2012

Study Says Motherhood Is Officially "Incompatible" With Careers In Science And Math Research

By Meredith Lepore
The Grindstone | February 16, 2012

Motherhood "Detrimental" to Women in Math-Intensive Sciences,

by Kristina Chew
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Blame biological clock for dearth of women in math: study,

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Motherhood detrimental to careers in science

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Study blames biological clock for dearth of women in math

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Motherhood and maths don't add up

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What the Doctors Ordered

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For Women to Think Mathematically, Colleges Should Think Creatively

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SCIENCE GRRL: The War on Women

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Math + science + motherhood= a tough combination,

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American Psychological Association
May 2012

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Obama Administration Broadens Gender Quotas in Higher Ed

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Unresolved gender wars in the science lab

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Preferences and Penalties Differ

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