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Does Breastfeeding Make Babies Smarter Later In Life?

Source: Mortenseon, E. L., Michaelsen, K. F., Sanders, S. A., & Reinisch, J. M. (2002). The association between duration of breastfeeding and adult intelligence. The Journal of the American Medical Association, 287, 2365-2371.

Depression: What Do We Do To Treat It?

Source: Hollon, S.D., Thase, M.E., and Markowitz, J.C. (2002). Treatment and prevention of depression. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 3, 39-77.

Is ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) For Real? (I Knew You Were Going to Ask That!)

Source: Bem, D. J., & Honorton, C. (1994). Does PSI exist? Replicable evidence for an anomalous process of information transfer. Psychological Bulletin, 115 , 4-18.

Statewide Exit Exams: Worthwhile, Or Just A Pain In The Neck?

Source: Bishop, J. H. (2000). Curriculum-based external exit exam systems: Do students learn more? How? Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 6, 199 - 215.

Will These Pills Make Me Smarter?

Source: Gold, P. E., Cahill, L., & Wenk, G. L. (2002). Gingko biloba: A cognitive enhancer? Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 3, 2-11.

Telling Lies: Can You Read It In Their Eyes?

Source: DePaulo, B. M., Lindsay, J. J. , Malone, B. E., Muhlenbruck, L., Charlton, K., & Cooper, H. (2003). Psychological Bulletin, 129, 74-118.

Will It Make You Try Harder If I Tell You You're Smart? Effects of Praise On Children's Intrinsic Motivation

Source: Henderlong, J. & Lepper, M. R. (2002). The effects of praise on children’s intrinsic motivation: A review and synthesis. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 128, 774-795.

What Does This Picture Look Like, And What Does Your Answer Say About You?

Source: Lilienfield, S.O., Wood, J. M., & Garb, H. N. (2000). The scientific status of projective techniques. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 1, 27-66.

Self-Esteem Does It Come From Success, Or Is It The Other Way Around?

Source: Baumeister, R. F., Campbell, J. D., Krueger, J. I ., & Vohs, K. D. (2003). Does high self-esteem cause better performance, interpersonal success, happiness, or heal their life styles? Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 4, 1-44.

Smiles In Women Versus Men: Who Smiles More And What Does It Mean?

Source: LaFrance, M., & Hecht , M. A. (2003). The contingent smile: A meta-analysis of sex differences in smiling. Psychological Bulletin, 129, 305-334.

Cigarettes: Stress Relief Or Just A Bunch Of Smoke?

Source: Kassel, J.D., Stroud, L. R., & Paronis, C. A. (2003). Smoking, stress, and negative affect: Correlation, causation, and context across stages of smoking. Psychological Bulletin, 129, 270-304.

I'm Not The Sort Of Person Who Is Good At This": The Threat Of Negative Stereotypes

Source: Steele, C. M. (1997). A threat in the air: How stereotypes shape intellectual identity and performance. American Psychologist, 52, 613-629.

Effects of Violent Video Games: Do They Doom Kids To Mortal Kombat?

Sources: Anderson, C. A., & Bushman, B. J. (2001). Effects of violent video games on aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition, aggressive affect, physiological arousal, and prosocial behavior: A meta-analytic review of the scientific literature. Psychological Science, 12, 353-359.

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