Laboratory for Rational Decision Making, Department of Human Development


Opportunities to participate in two separate projects:


  1. Adherence Project

    Participate in an important survey designed to better understand the factors that influence decision making as it applies to diabetes treatment! You will be compensated with a $15 e-gift card for your greatly appreciated participation. Our research group has designed a highly innovative and unique survey instrument, the results of which can yield information with clinical implications. Given the growth of diabetes, findings in the emerging research area of medical decision-making are crucial. This project is the first of its kind, and its results can impact a huge portion of the population.

    Participation is anonymous, and you must be 18 years or older and have diabetes to participate. Please click on the link that follows to take this survey. It will require about an hour of your time.


    You can pause and come back to complete the study within 3 days of your start time---the link will restart from where you've stopped if you use the same computer and browser. In this study, you will be asked a series of questions about diabetes as well as other questions to help us understand you more.

    Time is precious and your willingness to donate the time necessary to complete this survey is deeply appreciated. Research is the only way to gain information that has the potential to benefit yourself as well as many others, and develop new experimental models related to diabetes and its care.

    Please contact or 607-254-1172 if you have any questions or concerns.

  2. fMRI Project

    We are seeking volunteers ages 14-18 and 26-45 for a functional MRI (fMRI) study. Researchers are aiming to understand what parts of the brain are active during decision making. Help researchers study decision making and the brain; receive a picture of your brain and a small payment. Nothing invasive and no drugs given. This study is not for people who are claustrophobic or who have permanent metal in their bodies. Must be able to travel to Cornell University in Ithaca, NY; reimbursement for travel is not available at this time.

    Please contact Yuval Erez at for more information.