A Textile Hierarchy Approach to Evaluating Cloth Face Coverings

Students in Frey lab

Katarina Goodge, a first year PhD student in Margaret Frey's lab, has had her proposal funded by the Atkinson Center for Sustainability.  This study aims to systematically characterize textiles based on fiber content, yarn structure, fabric structure, filter efficiency, air permeability, and decontamination durability for use in cloth face coverings. Commercially available masks will be included in the study for comparison. A textile first approach, rather than the currently reported studies using textiles readily at hand to researchers who lacked textile expertise, will identify which fiber/fabric combinations qualify to initially and continue to meet the FDA mask performance for the service life of the product. If the cloth face covering can achieve levels of the FDA-approved face mask, the reusable cloth masks can replace the demand for disposable medical face masks for nonhealthcare professionals and provide accessible, affordable options to the public.

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