Michelle Stuzin Katz, Helen Bull Vandervort Alumni Achievement Award 2024

Michelle Stuzin Katz 2024

Michelle Stuzin Katz ‘90
Human Development & Family Studies
Co-creator & Co-host, Cornell (thank) U Podcast

Michelle has been an enthusiastic supporter of Cornell Human Ecology—even before her attendance. Michelle’s high school experience was shaped by her drive to attend Cornell and learn how to help individuals, families, and communities flourish. Notably, at age 14, she advocated fiercely under Title IX to establish the first girls' lacrosse team at her high school. In recognition of the groundbreaking achievement, the team was inducted into the school’s hall of fame.

At Cornell, she continued to embody the spirit of engagement and leadership. She served as a Human Ecology Peer Advisor, Ambassador, Tour Guide, member of the Judicial Review Committee, and held many offices within her sorority, reflecting her dedication to fostering an engaged and supportive campus environment. Her profound and long lasting connection to Cornell was deeply influenced by the sense of camaraderie and support she experienced within the CHE community.

Michelle started her career in public relations before receiving an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business. Following this, she pursued opportunities as a consultant in marketing and management. She then shifted her focus to being a full-time parent and active member in her community, dedicating her time to ten years of coaching youth sports, working within the schools, and volunteering at the local pediatric cancer infusion center.

She and Stephanie Marmelstein Gitlin (CAS ‘90) created the Cornell (thank) U podcast in 2021. Best friends and insatiably curious, they facilitate conversations with current and past Cornell students, fostering a sense of community and providing valuable networking opportunities. The podcast also plays a role in promoting local Ithaca businesses and encouraging involvement with Cornell, showcasing the hosts’ commitment to both the university and the wider community. The podcast helps create feelings of nostalgia and connectivity across generations of Cornellians – which was desperately needed following the isolation so many felt during the pandemic.

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