The College of Human Ecology's Office of Student and Career Development and Academic Departments have developed College-specific Orientation programming that will help you start the semester with confidence. Below are some tips about how to get the most out of Orientation and a schedule of the College's Orientation events.

Prioritize the College of Human Ecology's academically focused events as you organize your time during Orientation. Specifically, attend all of the mandatory advising sessions -- the College Briefing, your Academic Department Meeting(s), Prehealth Advising Sessions (if applicable). These sessions will...

  • provide the most up-to-date and accurate information as you confirm or make changes during the add/drop period to your course schedule. Do not assume that you already know how to proceed.
  • introduce you to important resources and the people/office that manage them.

Come prepared to all Orientation meetings as this is the unofficial start of the semester.

  • However you record and capture information, do it! Pen, pencil, paper, laptop, etc. This will facilitate your learning and engagement and provide a reference point in the days and weeks to come.
  • Have thoughtful questions.
  • Introduce yourself to advisors, staff, faculty, and your peers.

We look forward to seeing you in August!

Fall 2018 New Student Orientation Schedule

Time Place Event
August 17
5:30pm Human Ecology Building (HEB) Commons
Martha Van Rensselaer (MVR) Hall, G73
Human Ecology Parents-only Reception 
College Presentation
Saturday, August 18    
9:00am Schoellkopf Stadium President's Convocation
10:30am MVR G73
Multicultural/EOP Orientation for Students and Parents; followed by lunch in HEB Commons
1:00 -2:00pm Kennedy Hall, Call Auditorium Dean's Welcome
2:00-3:00pm Kennedy Hall, Call Auditorium College briefing for new students
2:00-3:00pm Department information sessions for parents  
  PLS 233 Global and Public Health Sciences; Human Biology, Health, and Society; and Nutritional Sciences
  MVR G71 Human Development
  MVR G73 Policy Analysis and Management
  MVR 4301 Design+Environmental Analysis
  HEB T01 Fiber Science & Apparel Design (Fashion Design & Management; Fiber Science)
August 19
1:00-3:00pm HEB T01 Meeting for Human Ecology Varsity athletes
Monday, August 20    
  New Student Orientation Meetings by Academic Department
Check in at least 15 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin. If you’re undecided, plan to attend more than one session. (The room listed below is the room you will report to at the beginning of your session; some groups will move around during the scheduled time.
9:00-11:30am HEB T01 Fiber Science & Apparel Design (Fashion Design & Management; Fiber Science)
9:00-11:30am MVR G71 Policy Analysis and Management
12:00-2:00pm MVR 4301 Design and Environmental Analysis
12:00-2:00pm MVR G73 Human Development
2:30pm MVR G71 Transfer Student Advising Meeting
Tuesday, August 21    
8:00am Kennedy Hall, Call Auditorium

Introduction to Advising and Planning Resources
Visit our offices to meet advising staff and student career assistants. Attend College and University orientation sessions designed to complement your academic and co-curricular plans.

New Student Orientation Meeting for Global and Public Health Sciences; Human Biology, Health, and Society; and Nutritional Sciences
10:30am-1:00pm Academic Surge Facility A Office of Student and Career Development Open House and
Career Exploration Center Open House
1:30pm MVR G71 Premedical/Prehealth Orientation
(2:30pm - Transfer breakout in HEB T01)
Wednesday, August 22    
  Cornell University Intergroup Dialogue Workshops  
Thursday, August 23    
  Classes begin!  
  Contact us at (607) 255-2532 if you require accommodations.