The Sloan Student Association (SSA), through social and education activities, serves as a vital link between students and others affiliated with the program, including faculty, administration and alumni.

SSA’s core functions are to facilitate community involvement, provide opportunities for professional development and help achieve national recognition of the Sloan program.

Off campus, the SSA provides volunteer opportunities for students to serve Ithaca and the local health care community.

Officers meet regularly with program administration, attend Sloan Alumni Association board meetings, lead the Sloan American College of Healthcare Executives student chapter, help plan the colloquia series, and advocate on behalf of the program and its students.

Sloan SSA group photo

Meet our Officers

Rodney Cruzan is the SSA president from the class of 2021. Rodney grew up in rural Southern New Jersey, and went to the University of South Carolina where he studies Experimental Psychology, Neuroscience, Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Business Administration. Rodney came to Cornell as a Masters of Industrial and Labor Relations student, but added the MHA after his first year at Cornell. Rodney interned with Optum (the Health Services arm of UnitedHealth Group) both summers he was at Cornell. Rodney is dedicated to transforming financial incentives in the health care delivery industry to reward organizations who keep patients healthy rather than firms who focus on maximizing patient volume. He will do this through a disruptive capitated ambulatory care organization.

As president, Rodney is responsible for being the spokesperson of the student body when communicating with the SSA E-board, Sloan administration and the Sloan Alumni Association E-Board. Rodney is also responsible in helping set the strategic vision of the SSA, and helping the other E-board members succeed in their roles.


Paul Pangburn is a member of the Sloan Program Class of 2021. Paul earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from the University at Albany, State University of New York. His work experience has been with the New York State Department of Health in the Division of Systems, where he helped prepare the Department to transition to the next iteration of its Medicaid Management Information System. Most recently, he interned with the New York State Division of the Budget. Paul assisted in the development, implementation, and monitoring of New York State’s Medicaid budget through a tumultuous time in state finance brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. In his spare time, Paul enjoys hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities, and spending time with his cat, Bear.

As VP of Finance, Paul will support all functions of SSA through proper fund management. Creating a budget for planned events, coordinating with administrators and key stakeholders, and managing the SSA account are at the core of his duties. He is excited to serve the student body and welcomes everyone into the Sloan Program.  


Payton Isner is a native of Asheville, North Carolina. Payton received his Bachelor of Arts in History with a Focus in Education from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. While Payton had a heavy interest in education and teaching, learned he was passionate about healthcare through several volunteering and internship opportunities with local hospitals. Payton is especially interested in utilizing his Masters in Healthcare Administration for community and population health in rural or academic specialties.

As the VP of Operations, Payton works closely with the President and VP of Finance to ensure the execution of planned SSA programming and supports the logistical needs of all executive-board members. Additionally, Payton plans to establish several initiatives to foster outside organizational opportunities for students to further their passions.


Mark Yacoub is currently a second year MHA student in the Sloan Program in Health Administration at Cornell University. In 2016, he earned his BS in Public Health from the University of Colorado Denver. Prior to Sloan, Mark gained experience in clinical research in the department of pulmonary sciences at The University of Colorado and in pharmaceutical policy at Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Safety. This past summer, he also gained exposure to digital therapeutics working as a Strategy Intern at Click Therapeutics. In his free time, Mark enjoys traveling, eating out, and spending time with friends and family

Sage Cooley is the Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Sloan Student Association and a member of the Sloan Program Class of 2021. Sage graduated in 2018 from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in integrative physiology and minor in business. Following graduation, Sage gained experience in healthcare through working at a private practice general surgeon’s office, where she learned the importance of employee engagement and patient satisfaction. She has additional experience working with an ambulatory surgery center and regional health systems. In the summer between her first and second year at Sloan, Sage completed an administrative internship with Centura Health, where she implemented a PICC line toolkit to reduce unnecessary central line placements and subsequently, the chance of a patient contracting a CLABSI.

As VP of Internal Affairs, Sage is responsible for organizing welcoming, inclusive social events to celebrate Sloan’s diversity and promote cohesion between the first and second-year cohorts. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Sage is determined to find ways to accomplish this in a safe, engaging manner and looks forward to the challenge.


Laura Yang is the Vice President of Recruitment for the Sloan Student Association and a member of the Sloan Program Class of 2021. She graduated in 2019 from Cornell University with her B.S. in Human Development and a minor in Psychology. As VP of Recruitment, she is responsible for ensuring a smooth transition of first-year students into graduate school while aiding in the recruitment of qualified Sloan candidates. Between her first and second year at Sloan, Laura interned with Deloitte and will pursue a full-time career in consulting. In her free time, Laura enjoys eating, watching movies, yoga, and traveling.

Raina Jain, the current Sloan Student Association Vice President of Community Service, was born and raised in the Bay Area. Prior to joining Sloan, Raina worked with community members living with HIV, combating social determinants to health, within the tenderloin of San Francisco which fulfilled her values and inspired her to expand her knowledge of healthcare operations. She strives to serve and enhance lives within the community and has been an active volunteer since June 2008. She considers herself fortunate and proud to support and advocate for the community. Aiming to gain a deeper understanding of the administration and integrate it with her work experience, Raina served as an Administrative Intern for San Jose Kaiser Permanente and Alameda County Health Care Services Agency during the summer of 2020. She is currently pursuing a Master of Health Administration degree at Cornell University with a goal of creating healthier populations while diversifying revenue streams and minimizing costs.

Sindhu is a California native and completed her B.A. in Biological Sciences at the University of Connecticut in 2018. Post-undergrad, Sindhu worked as a Risk and Underwriting Associate at Cigna Inc. After working for a year, Sindhu began her MHA education at Sloan to learn more about the healthcare industry and determine next steps in her career. Sindhu is now a 2nd year Sloan student and serves as the Colloquium Chair on the SSA board this year. She also still works for Cigna as a Risk and Underwriting Analyst and would be more than happy to speak with any student about her experiences!