The Sloan Alumni Achievement Award, established in 2014, recognizes Sloan alumni who, through their professional activities, demonstrate the relevance and significance of their Sloan Program education.

Graduates of the program have made significant contributions to their industry, have been advocates for change, have had substantial impact in their work place and their community, and have generously supported the program and its students.

The award is presented annually. Nominations are accepted each fall.

2018 Recipient: Alexander (Sandy) Williams '63

Sandy Williams has been a partner in the recruiting firm of Witt Kieffer for the last 27 years.  During his time at Witt Kieffer, he specialized in academic medicine, association and international searches to help institutions and organizations find the best health talent to help both individuals and populations. Throughout his multidisciplinary career, he came to understand that the key to success was learning to work with doctors and to appreciate the
medical education process – with all its warts.   Award Poster PDF

2017 Recipient: Nancy M. Schlichting, MBA ’79

Nancy M. Schlichting, MBA ’79, is retired Chief Executive Officer of Henry Ford Health System (HFHS), a nationally recognized $5.7 billion health care organization with 27,000 employees, and recipient of the 2011 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, 2011 John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety Quality Award, and 2004 Foster G. McGaw Award. She is credited with leading the health system through a dramatic financial turnaround and for award-winning patient safety, customer service and diversity initiatives. Award poster PDF

2016 Recipient: Michael W. Azzara '71

Michael W. Azzara is a senior consultant with Foley Proctor Yoskowitz, a health care consulting firm specializing in executive search, physician recruitment and management consulting for the health care industry. Since joining Foley Proctor in October 2003, Yoskowitz has focused on executive and physician search, hospital governance assessment, leadership development and succession planning.

Azzara is past president of the Sloan Alumni Association and has been an active and integral volunteer with the program since his graduation. Over the years, he has been a mentor and advisor for numerous prospective and current students as well as alumni. A strong advocate for the program, Mike played an active role in helping to seek summer internships and job placements for graduating students in addition to promoting philanthropic support of Sloan. Award poster PDF

2015 Recipient: Richard McK. F. Southby '67

Richard Southby has committed his life to public health through his career, education and community involvement. In his native Australia, he had originally planned to go into hospital administration. His career path changed course while at Sloan. He saw his future in the emerging field of health policy and developed a passion for putting more emphasis on public health where he saw growing opportunities.

Southby went on to become one of the founders of the School of Public Health and Health Services at the George Washington University. He's had an impact on the field across the globe and is passionate about reforming the U.S. health care system to focus more on public health. His leadership, initiatives and contributions have had a lasting impact on the health care industry, and his involvement as a graduate of Sloan has greatly benefited the program, its students and faculty. Award poster PDF

2014 Recipient: Bernard A. Kershner, '64

Bernie Kershner sets the standard for this award. He has demonstrated outstanding success and distinction during his career. His significant accomplishments and achievements have contributed greatly in many areas of the health care industry. Kershner is recognized for his leadership, innovation and lasting contributions that have impacted individuals and organizations, and, most important, the Sloan Program, its students, faculty and alumni. Award poster PDF

View the Kershner Interview video with award recipient Bernie Kershner '64 and Sloan Alumni Association President Aaron Mitra '01.