The Sloan Student Ambassadors are residential MHA, BS/MHA, and MBA/MHA graduate students who are excited to speak with you to answer your questions about the Sloan Program in Health Administration and to discuss your healthcare passions, interests, and motivations. Each ambassador is a volunteer and can be reached via email to coordinate either a phone call or Zoom call. Please allow up to 72 hours for Ambassadors to respond. Learn more about our ambassadors below.

Alicia Duran

Alicia Duran (she/her/hers) is an accelerated BS/MHA student in the Sloan Program in Health Administration at Cornell University. She is interested in the role of policy in influencing better health outcomes among vulnerable populations. Her dedication to a career in health policy has developed through a variety of experiences: she is an associate editor of the Cornell Policy Review, health policy analyst for the Cornell Roosevelt Institute, and administrative assistant at the Cancer Resources Center of the Finger Lakes. For her summer internship, Alicia joined the Commonwealth Care Alliance, a healthcare organization in Boston, as a government relations and policy intern to continue advocating for vulnerable populations.

Outside of the Sloan Program, Alicia enjoys cooking, exploring Ithaca, watching Netflix, and finding new restaurants.

Alicia can be reached at

Bella Harnick

Bella Harnick (she/her/hers) is an accelerated BS/MHA student in the Sloan Program in Health Administration at Cornell University. She is dedicated to thinking of innovative solutions in order to improve the U.S. healthcare system. Bella participated in the Administrative Internship Program (AIP) at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida this summer (2021) with the goal of making a positive impact through health administration. Her problem solving mindset has developed through multiple different opportunities: she has placed as a finalist in the Whole Human Healthcare Innovation Challenge, served as the Director of Healthcare Policy for the Roosevelt Institute, and worked at Merck in the Office of Patient Innovation and Engagement. All of these past experiences have made clear to her that the healthcare space is her passion—with the goals of improving the patient experience and inspiring patient engagement at the very center. 

Outside of the Sloan Program, Bella enjoys exploring the Ithaca region, going to the Farmer’s Market, swimming at East Shore Park, and apple picking at Indian Creek Farm!

Bella can be reached at

Celine Jo

Celine Jo (she/her/hers) is a 2nd-year in the Sloan Program in Health Administration at Cornell University. She completed her undergraduate studies at Emory University in 2020. During her time at Emory as a pre-med  student, the opportunities she had to be exposed to inequities in the health care system allowed her to shift her focus from a clinical to an administrative-focused career. Her primary passions include implementing lean six sigma strategy and optimizing patient-centric care in hospital and value-based care settings. This past summer, she worked as an administrative intern in the cancer department at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, focusing on streamlining operational processes and furthering business development. 

Outside of the Sloan Program, Celine enjoys swimming, watching Netflix, cooking/eating, drawing, and traveling!

Celine can be reached at

Coleman Habib

Coleman Habib (he/him/his) is a 2nd-year in the Sloan Program in Health Administration at Cornell University. He was born and raised in Goose Creek, South Carolina and completed his undergraduate studies in Public Health at the University of South Carolina. By conducting a robust literature review and collaborating with senior directors, Coleman was able to disseminate best practices for a revamped tele-ICU model for the Center for Telehealth at Massachusetts General Hospital during his 10-week administrative internship.

Outside of the Sloan Program, Coleman is a wine connoisseur, amateur chef, and college sports fanatic! 

Coleman can be reached at


Derek Cheung (he/him/his) is a 2nd-year in the Sloan Program in Health Administration at Cornell University and completed his undergraduate degree in Health Care Policy at Cornell. While Derek was initially interested in hospital administration, he made the transition to senior living. During his summer internship, Derek worked with Presbyterian Villages of Michigan as the Special Assistant to the President and CEO, Roger Myers. When he decided to pivot towards the senior living industry, Derek discovered the world of hospitality in healthcare and the tremendous impact it could have on the operations and amenities needed to provide for residents as they enter their final stages of life. In the future, Derek hopes to work as an Executive Director to continue learning about senior living operations and management while working on projects that make a positive impact in resident lives through engaging programming, top quality amenities, and a robust living environment. 

Outside of the Sloan Program, Derek enjoys watching anime, gaming, and eating Italian food. 

Derek can be reached at

Emma Antoine

Emma Antoine (she/her/hers) is a 2nd-year in the Sloan Program in Health Administration pursuing a concentration in Consulting & Strategy at Cornell University. Prior to Sloan, Emma received her B.S. in Human Development with a minor in Health Policy at Cornell University. As the President of Women in Healthcare Leadership, Healthcare Students Association, & the Co-Founder of Sloan Tech at Cornell, Emma aims to elevate the Sloan student experience by inspiring members to make equity-minded executive decisions within the healthcare industry. In addition, as the VP of Recruitment of the Sloan Student Association, Emma enjoys connecting with prospective students to understand their healthcare interests and motivations. As an ambitious healthcare leader, Emma has participated in 5 case competitions, conducted research on healthcare leadership values and competencies at Weill Cornell Medicine, and completed a 12-week internship with Medidata Solutions - Acorn AI on medical analytics. After graduation, Emma will be returning to Medidata Solutions, Acorn AI as a Senior Product Owner in Boston, MA. 

Outside of the Sloan Program, Emma enjoys cruising/traveling around the world, baking, exploring new restaurants in Ithaca, and doing yoga!

Emma can be reached at

Jacob Scroggins

Jacob Scroggins (he/him/his) is 2nd-year in the Sloan Program in Health Administration and has a wide range of healthcare experiences spanning from clinical shadowing to health and benefits consulting. This summer, Jacob worked with the executive administration team at Cleveland Clinic as a graduate administrative intern. Prior to coming to Sloan, Jacob earned his Bachelor of Science in biomedical sciences from Texas A&M University, where he was a member of the Corps of Cadets and Navy ROTC. After graduating, Jacob will be returning to Cleveland Clinic as an administrative fellow. 

Outside of the Sloan Program, Jacob enjoys weightlifting, hiking with his dog, Henri, and listening to country music. 

Jacob can be reached at


Jennifer Carbonel Estepan (she/her/hers) is a 1st year in the Sloan Program in Health Administration. Prior to joining the Sloan Program, Jennifer attended the George Washington University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Throughout her undergraduate studies, Jennifer explored practical ways to broaden her spectrum of public health and health care in non-traditional fields while enhancing her leadership skills. In her most recent internship at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Jennifer reviewed States' Highway Safety Programs that fund state collaborations with public health and community-based partners working to develop traffic safety programs. During her time at NHTSA, Jennifer was responsible for evaluating communication strategies by reviewing messaging and cultural sensitivity of program material and toolkits. Additionally, she served as the Academic Chair of the GW Multicultural Greek Council, Vice President of her Sorority, and community leader in the university’s annual Latinx Heritage Celebration. As a member of the Sloan Family, Jennifer is excited to continue exploring the healthcare system and ultimately be able to impact policies and practices that will promote health equity within local, state, and federal health care systems.

Outside of the Sloan Program, Jennifer enjoys traveling, trying new food, dancing, and working out with friends! 

Jennifer can be reached at


Juan Clark (he/him/his) is a 1st-year student in the Sloan Program in Health Administration serving as a Sloan Student Ambassador and the First Year Representative for the Class of 2023.  Juan graduated, with honors, from Morehouse College with a bachelor's of biology. He served as the President of the Senior Class of 2019 -- the same class that graduated debt-free due to the donation from a fellow Cornelian, Robert Smith. After graduation, Juan did an internship at Atlantic Health System for the President of Chilton Medical Center. He was then extended the position as Administrative Resident for the Vice President of Integrated Care. During his residency, he managed their Advanced Care at Home Program in the system's efforts to address COVID-19. Throughout his time at AHS, he became a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, featured in the April 2020 edition of Modern Healthcare, and featured in the October 2020 edition of Healthcare Executive. Juan's career interests align with identifying digital solutions to reduce barriers to access, improving quality metrics through patient experience and satisfaction, and transforming care delivery through innovative solutions. Juan's professional aspirations are to become President and CEO of a nationwide health system to eradicate health disparities, promote health equity, and redefine the role of a hospital in the community. 

Outside of the Sloan Program, Juan enjoys cooking, listening to music, going to the gym, reading, and socializing. 

Juan can be reached at


Kevin Ghilani

Kevin Ghilani (he/him/his) is a 2nd-year in the Sloan Program in Health Administration at Cornell University. During his time at Cornell, Kevin has been proud to serve as the First-Year Representative, and now Co-President, for the Cornell University Healthy Futures Graduate Chapter (CUHFG). CUHFG is the first academic institute in the country to combine hospitality, environmental design, and healthcare management to improve patient and customer experience. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kevin received his B.S. in Biology, Health, and Society from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Kevin has gained valuable healthcare experience by working for a multitude of large academic health systems, including Massachusetts General Hospital, UPMC, and Allegheny Health Network. Floating throughout these systems, Kevin has had the chance to witness a vast continuum of care from flagship hospitals to surgery centers and smaller outpatient clinics. Hoping to continue his healthcare journey in clinical operations, Kevin will be seeking administrative fellowship positions in 2022. 

Outside of the Sloan Program, Kevin enjoys traveling, drumming, water sports, and grabbing dinner with friends. 

Kevin can be reached at


Melissa Lopez (she/her/hers) is a 1st-year student in the Sloan Program. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a Minor in Business from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) in 2021. During her time at UCSD, she was a Program Development intern at Moores Cancer Center focusing on the development of community-academic partnerships with researchers and community health centers. She currently works part-time at Kaiser Permanente as a Project Management intern supporting regional teams on a $2 billion dollar project. Melissa is also the current VP of Community Engagement for HSA, co-VP of National Recognition for W+IHL, and the VP of Internal Affairs for IHI. She is passionate about mentorship, education, and giving back to the community. Her healthcare interests lie in quality improvement, patient safety, and community engagement. She has the desire to transform healthcare, improve access, and shape organizational cultures that positively impact people’s lives. 

Outside the Sloan Program, Melissa enjoys exercising, reading, road-tripping, dancing, hiking, watching movies, and exploring new places! 

Melissa can be reached at



Richard Kwon (he/him/his) is an accelerated BS/MHA student in the Sloan Program in Health Administration. Prior to starting his MHA journey, Richard majored in Human Biology, Health & Society in the College of Human Ecology on the pre-med track. During his first year at Sloan, Richard actively participated in case competitions, conducted clinical research, and served as the President for the undergraduate organization TIPTOE&. Richard is currently passionate about population health and improving the patient care continuum, from admission and pre-authorization to follow-up care, through strategic analyses of various sectors within health systems. To take a more active approach of pursuing these interests, Richard is currently pursuing a career in healthcare consulting and has taken part in a project that aims to reduce unnecessary clinical variation for a leading health system at Deloitte consulting as a Summer Health Associate. 

Outside of the Sloan Program, Richard enjoys gaming, cooking, Korean food, and hanging out with friends!

Richard can be reached at


Victoria Bent (she/her/hers) is a 1st-year Master of Health Administration student and Sloan Fellow in the Brooks School of Public Policy. Before arriving in Ithaca, she completed her undergraduate degree at the University of South Florida, majoring in Healthcare Management and minor in Leadership Studies. Throughout the pandemic, Vica worked as a Public Health/Policy intern at the AIDS Institute, Tampa. Her passion lies within hospital operations/policy and being able to help vulnerable communities through systemic change. As VP of Speaker Curation of the Women in Healthcare Leadership Club, she maximizes her efforts to promote the values held by the organization and herself to procure a diverse array of womxn+ executives to help guide people along their journey.

Outside of the Sloan Program, Victoria enjoys photography, learning KPOP choreography, trying new recipes, and sketching. 

Victoria can be reached at