This five-year accelerated program is open to a maximum of five students per year in certain disciplines. In the College of Human Ecology, the accelerated program is open to students majoring in human biology, health and society; biology and society; human development; and policy analysis and management. In the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, students majoring in biology and society are eligible to apply.

You may apply to the accelerated program during your junior year, but only after completing all required courses for both your major and your College.

During your senior year, you would attend Sloan orientation and complete first-year Sloan courses, which are double counted, to satisfy both undergraduate elective requirements as well as MHA graduate requirements.

At the end of your senior year, you would graduate with a bachelor’s degree in your undergraduate major. During the spring of your senior year, you would be required to file a formal online graduate school application. If your performance satisfies criteria for satisfactory academic progress in the Sloan Program, you would be automatically notified during the spring semester of senior year of your acceptance to the Graduate School for the MHA.

You would be required to participate in a graduate-level health administration internship during the summer before entering the graduate program. The following year, as a graduate student, you would complete the second year of required Sloan courses and earn a Master of Health Administration degree.

The MHA portion of the BS/MHA program is accredited by the Committee on Accreditation for Health Management Education (CAHME). The Bachelor portion of the BS/MHA program is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.