Here, you will find information that will help you navigate MVR as well as information about the relocation of departments and individuals during the renovations.

Helpful Maps

Renovation access map for MVR and HEB

Renovation access map for MVR and HEB

Renovations map showing surge locations

Renovations map showing surge locations

Schedule of Moves by Location

Group # Date Building Move Coordinator Unit POCs Occupants
1 July 2   Academic Surge A Jeff Surine Margaret Frey, Rich Duell Academic Affairs, CSCU
2 July 3   Academic Surge B / HEB Michael Johnson Ksenia Lang, Kim Fenner HD Faculty, DEA grads
3 July 9-10 Thornwood, CISER (July 9 only) Peggy Emerson Denise Markley, Jen Davis BCTR, CORE, PAD
4 July 16   Schurman, Kennedy, Roberts, Uris Jeff Surine Deb Surine, Lauri Whatley, Jen Davis, Denise Markley, Ksenia Lang AAD, Communications, Programmers, Budget, PAM Faculty (and Ext. KK)
5a July 23   Internal MVR moves Michael Johnson Ksenia Lang HD Department Hub
5b   July 24 Internal MVR moves, Caldwell Ryan Graves, Lance Streeter Eric Maroney, Ksenia Lang, Rich Duell, Kim Fenner, Cheryl Miller PAM Faculty, HD Faculty/Research, NS Research, DEA grads, CIPA
6 July 30   Beebe Peggy Emerson, Catherine Carlson Ksenia Lang, Peter Farley HD Research
7 August 6   ILR Catherine Carlson Eric Maroney, Rich Duell, Ksenia Lang PAM Research, Emerita (NS, PAM, FSAD, HD)
8 August 27   Kinzelburg Ryan Graves Rich Duell NS Faculty and Administration
9 August 28   Savage Michael Johnson Rich Duell NS Faculty and Administration

July 27, 2018 (by email from Craig Higgins, College Business Officer)

CHE Community,

We are nearing the 5th week of moves as part of the MVR renovations surge. These moves have relocated offices and labs from MVR and Beebe Hall to Kennedy Hall, Academic Surge A and B, 35 Thornwood Drive, Internal Moves within MVR, and Schurman Hall. We will continue through the end of August, with moves impacting King-Shaw Hall, Beebe Hall, Savage / Kinzelberg Hall, and remaining internal MVR moves.

The compressed schedule of the information, timing, and execution of these moves creates delays in being able to circle back to address requests for changes to newly occupied space. We are, however, addressing missing items, facilities deficiencies and other structural issues as we are able.

The 6-week waiting period for changes to occupied spaces (articulated in the moves “rules”) is being applied to items that were not part of the original plans shared with each occupant, to new requests, and to other enhancements. This is to allow for prioritization of corrections and changes while we continue with ongoing moves. It is very likely that requests made by occupants will not be able to be addressed immediately. The move coordinator and the unit point of contact for each move group is the established pathway for these items to be addressed. Prioritization decisions are being made based on what was included in approved plans, health and safety, facilities functionality, and on the availability of labor to execute them.

If you have questions or comments, they should be directed to the unit point of contact. These will be elevated as needed.

As many of you know, the timing of when the university provided us surge space decisions and the condition of some of these spaces has added to what was already a short window of time for this work.

As many of you have noticed, the Belkin Courtyard (off of checkerboard square) is now a staging area for construction. The trees have been removed as excavation for water drainage corrections are part of our renovation project. Do not walk through the courtyard. It is unsafe to do so. Although the doors to building allow exit into the courtyard in case of emergency, it is only because we are currently an occupied building.

Beginning next week, walls will start to be built in MVR separating renovation areas from occupied areas. This will significantly change pathways through our complex. The only entrance to MVR East will be doors off of the East Building, which has doors on the Caldwell Hall side, the MRI entrance, and the doors at the spiral stair tower. There will be no internal pass-through from HEB, Commons, or MVR West addition (where the G71-G72 classrooms will remain) to MVR East Building where DEA, PAM, MRI, HD Office, and Dean’s Office are.  Internal access from the garage will only be to HEB, the Commons, and the MVR West Addition. 

The MVR Renovation website contains updates, maps, and other information. We will soon add a map there to guide pedestrians navigating MVR.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to send them to me, or to

Craig Higgins
College Business Officer