Here, you will find information that will help you navigate MVR as well as information about the relocation of departments and individuals during the renovations.

Please note, regarding maps: as of June 11, 2018, the following map is available (see below.)

Surge Locations - map showing MVR renovation area and the new locations to which faculty, staff, units, and labs will surge (move.)

Maps to come:

Navigating MVR During Construction (expected June 20, 2018)

Informational maps, construction schedules and announcements

Map of surge locations

Surge locations [PDF] where CHE faculty and department staff will be moved during the renovation.

Schedule of Moves by Location

Group # Date Building Move Coordinator Unit POCs Occupants
1 July 2   Academic Surge A Jeff Surine Margaret Frey, Rich Duell Academic Affairs, CSCU
2 July 3   Academic Surge B / HEB Michael Johnson Ksenia Lang, Kim Fenner HD Faculty, DEA grads
3 July 9-10 Thornwood, CISER (July 9 only) Peggy Emerson Denise Markley, Jen Davis BCTR, CORE, PAD
4 July 16   Schurman, Kennedy, Roberts, Uris Jeff Surine Deb Surine, Lauri Whatley, Jen Davis, Denise Markley, Ksenia Lang AAD, Communications, Programmers, Budget, PAM Faculty (and Ext. KK)
5a July 23   Internal MVR moves Michael Johnson Ksenia Lang HD Department Hub
5b   July 24 Internal MVR moves, Caldwell Ryan Graves, Lance Streeter Eric Maroney, Ksenia Lang, Rich Duell, Kim Fenner, Cheryl Miller PAM Faculty, HD Faculty/Research, NS Research, DEA grads, CIPA
6 July 30   Beebe Peggy Emerson, Catherine Carlson Ksenia Lang, Peter Farley HD Research
7 August 6   ILR Catherine Carlson Eric Maroney, Rich Duell, Ksenia Lang PAM Research, Emerita (NS, PAM, FSAD, HD)
8 August 27   Kinzelburg Ryan Graves Rich Duell NS Faculty and Administration
9 August 28   Savage Michael Johnson Rich Duell NS Faculty and Administration

6/8/18 - Stay tuned! Updates will be featured here and in direct communications to faculty, staff, students, and the general public as needed.