Graduate student
Cornell Institute for Public Affairs


I am Zhenyu Zhang, a first-year CIPA student concentrate on Economic and Financial Policy.  I was graduated from the University of Macau, major in International relations and a minor in Economics.

My personal research interest lies in the building of national stability maintenance system in China and how political management intersects with policy processes, program development, and resource management in the public sector, hence I have paid constant attention to the research on the Chinese politics and political management. To better understand the Chinese society and stability system, I conducted my field research, which is worked as a grass-roots policeman in the summer of 2017 and 2018.  As a part of the big Chinese society and stability maintenance system, the police always take a role as the “soldiers in the frontline” to solve all the intractable conflicts in grass-roots units and I also participated some challenging works like capturing the drug addicts and negotiating with some "troublemakers".  

Bachelor of Social Science, University of Macau, 2018

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