Ph.D. Candidate
Design + Environmental Analysis

Room 4215 MVR Hall


Yaoyi Zhou is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis (DEA). He holds a Master of Architecture degree from Cornell University. Yaoyi is currently studying human behavior and design with minor concentrations in Real Estate and Organizational Behavior. His research topics focus on the emerging architectural phenomena, design concepts and the impacts on the user's social interaction and other behavioral outcomes. He is also interested in developing and adopting state-of-the-art technologies to study environmental behavior from new perspectives.

Zhou, Y., Tagliaro, C. and Hua, Y. (2021), "Networked “bubbles”: study workgroups’ spatial adjacency preference using social network analysis methods", Journal of Corporate Real Estate, Vol.23 No.2. pp.87-105.

Zhou, Y. and Hua, Y. (2020). The role of shared study space in shaping graduate students’ social networks, Journal of Facilities Management, Vol. 19 No.1, 91-110.

Tagliaro, C., Zhou, Y., & Hua, Y. (2020). A Change in Granularity: Measure Space Utilization through Smart Technologies. Facilities, Vol. 39 No.1/2, pp.64-79.

Zhou, Y. (2019). A taxonomy of coworking spaces in Manhattan, NYC. Cornell Real Estate Review, 17. 58-65

Tagliaro, C., Zhou, Y., & Hua, Y. (2020). Analyze Group Work Activity Pattern Through Work Type and Collaboration Network in a Large Organization. The conference Proceedings of Transdisciplinary Workplace Research (TWR) Conference 2020, Weimar, Germany. (Best paper final list)

Zhou, Y. (2019). Coworking as an emerging urban lifestyle: location analysis study of coworking spaces in Manhattan, NYC. The Conference Proceedings of EDRA50, Brooklyn, NY, 2019.

Zhou, Y., Tagliaro, C., & Hua, Y. (2018). From Hour to Minute: Non-technical Challenges for Measuring Office Space Utilization with Smart Technologies. Proceedings of CIB WBC 2019: Constructing Smart Cities. International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction, Hong Kong, 2019

Faulk, J. D., McKee, C. C., Bazille, H., Brigham, M., Daniel, J., Jaffe, J. G., ...Zhou, Y., Hedge, A. (2019). Performance, Movement, Posture, and Perceived Discomfort in Active vs. Static Seating. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 63(1), 1154–1158.

Zhou, Y. (2018). “Accuspace”: A Prototype of Occupant Space-Use Monitoring Tool for Workplace Studies, The Conference Proceedings of EDRA49, Saint Paul, MN: The Environmental Research Design Association (EDRA). (Best student paper award) 

Luo, Q., & Zhou, Y. (2014). New Organic Architecture in Digital Era: Material-Based Design Computation, Architecture & Culture, 8, 118-119. (In Chinese)

Zhou, Y., & Yang, J. (2012). Balcony: Xixi Wetland Museum Design, Urban Environment Design, 12, 148-149. (In Chinese)

Zhou, Y. (2013). Multi-Objective Optimization Methodologies For Bio-inspired Structural Form Generation Using Genetic Algorithms, The Conference Proceedings of DADA 2013 International Conference on Digital Architecture, Beijing, China, 2013. (In Chinese)


Fall 2020 - TA for DEA 6500 Problem-Seeking through Programming (Prof. Lorraine Maxwell)

Fall 2020 - TA for DEA 4410 Adaptive Reuse Design Studio (Rhonda Gilmore)

Spr 2019 - TA for DEA 5540 Workplace Strategies Studio (Prof. Ying Hua) 

Spr 2019 - TA for DEA 1150 Design Graphics and Visualization (Nooshin Ahmadi) 

Fall 2018 - TA for DEA 6500 Problem-Seeking through Programming (Prof. Lorraine Maxwell) 

Spr 2018 - TA for DEA 2040 High Performance Building (Prof. Ying Hua) 

Spr 2017 - TA for DEA 1150 Design Studio (Prof. So-Yeon Yoon) 

Fall 2016 - TA for DEA 3301 Design UX Studio (Prof. So-Yeon Yoon) 

Fall 2016 - TA for DEA 1101 Visual Literacy and Design (Prof. John Elliott) 

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