Yige Zhu
Yige Zhu
Human Centered Design


I am interested in the impact of urbanization on people's experience with life in both urban and rural areas. I take an interdisciplinary approach to studying the dynamic and complex relationships between people and their environment, borrowing perspectives from fields including psychology, economics, policy and law, and urban planning. I believe that ensuring an environment that can adequately accomodate people's needs is crucial in achieving social justice and protecting human rights. 


My current research examines the impacts of people's attitudes toward sidewalks to inform planning and policy-making. The health, policy, and legal aspects pertaining to sidewalk retrofits programs in the US are analyzed. 

I also plan to study the transformation of several rural villages in the Yangtze Delta region in East China, specifically, investigating how changes in public spaces-along with other social factors-build, renew, or distintegrate communities. 

Faulk, J. D., McKee C. C., Bazille, H., Brigham, M., Daniel, J., Jaffe, J. G., Lee, J., Sabinson, E., Zhou, Y., Zhu, Y., Chung, Y., & Hedge, A. (2019). Performance, Movement, Posture, and Perceived Discomfort in Active vs. Static Seating. Accepted for the 63rd Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting on October 30, 2019. 

M.S., Human-Environment Relations, Cornell University

2015, B.A., Psychology (Cum Laude), Bryn Mawr College

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