Undergraduate Student Services Assistant
Division of Nutritional Sciences

B36A Kinzelberg Hall


Terry has worked for various departments within Cornell University since February 1988.

She also works (part-time) for the National Audubon Society's Seabird Restoration Program/Project Puffin as Assistant to the Director and Webmaster.

In addition, Terry has worked on and off in local radio (for Cayuga Radio Group) as a Board Op for Cornell (and other local, regional, and national) sports broadcasts, as well as filling in as a DJ. She also sings and plays various instruments (as an official iGuitar artist) in a local band called Blue Monday, and is also involved in the Cortland Old Timers (concert) Band , the CNY Flute Choir, and the Cortland Area Flute Ensemble, as well as its subsets (quartets, trios, etc.). Terry is also a freelance webmaster for various web sites.

Terry holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Merchandising (Music/Business/Marketing) from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania.

As Undergraduate Student Services Assistant for DNS, Terry receives guidance from and provides support to the Office of Academic Affairs within the Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS) for the following activities:

•  coordinating course enrollment and curriculum revisions;

•  maintaining accurate student records;

•  staffing the office reception function to ensure accurate and responsive guidance to all inquiries;

•  coordinating information clinics and the undergraduate advising system;

•  scheduling course and room rosters;

•  assisting with DNS/Academic Affairs web site updates;

•  implementing DNS revisions to ACALOG (the online course of study catalog);

•  serving as liaison with the Human Ecology, Agricultural and Life Sciences, and various other University offices for undergraduate student issues and records; and

•  providing organizational support for student events, including orientation and graduation.

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