Tasha Lewis
Tasha Lewis
Associate Professor
Human Centered Design

T35 Human Ecology Building (HEB)



Tasha Lewis, PhD., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design and teaches in the area of fashion design management. Her research interests include the disruptive impact of technology in the apparel industry, the behavior of fashion brands, global and domestic apparel production ("glocalization") issues, and the significance of social responsibility and sustainability throughout the apparel supply chain. Dr. Lewis has also worked in the apparel industry in areas of production, sourcing, and retail operations and maintains ongoing contact with industry professionals to inform her research. She is a Stephen H. Weiss Junior Teaching Fellow and also serves on the Faculty Advisory Board of Cornell’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future.

My current research focuses on the viability of scalable apparel production processes based on principles of sustainability with a focus on the transformation post-consumer textile waste into new products. 



 I aspire to teach all my students to be constantly engaged with the larger context of the fashion industry. This includes classroom learning that I provide and initiate,  but I also encourage them to bring in their experiences and observations from resources they may be accustomed to using. This makes for interesting dialogue with students and allows me to maintain currency and relevancy with topics and learning materials. I also enjoy sharing my research interests with students and actively recruit them to participate in my projects. I have supervised undergraduate and graduate researchers in areas of sustainability, technology usage and entrepreneurship.

FSAD 2310: Fashion Product Management

FSAD 4010: Empirical Research

FSAD 4440: Global Fashion Management

FSAD 6500: Fashion, Media, and Technology

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  • Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Practices, Communications Committee

Ph.D., Apparel Design, Cornell University

M.S., Consumer & Textile Science, The Ohio State University

B.A., Spanish, The Ohio State University

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