Associate Professor in Child Development
Human Development

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Tamar Kushnir is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Development, and the director of the Early Childhood Cognition Laboratory.  She received her M.A. in Statistics and Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and was a Post-Doctoral fellow at the University of Michigan.       

Dr. Kushnir's research examines mechanisms of learning in young children, with a focus on social learning. Her previous work has addressed 1)how children use statistical evidence to learn new causal relations, 2)how new evidence interacts with children's prior causal beliefs, and 3)how causal learning is influenced by children's developing social knowledge and also by their own experience of action. She continues to explore the role that children's developing knowledge - in particular their social knowledge - plays in learning, a question with implications for the study of cognitive development as well as for early childhood education.

Professional positions

Co-Director and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Cognitive Science Field 

Associate Editor, Child Development

Guest Associate Editor, Cognitive Developmen t

Board member, Cognitive Development Society

Board member, Society for Philosophy and Psychology


University (Extra-Departmental) Affiliations

Graduate Field, Psychology

Graduate Field, Cognitive Science 

Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research

Institute of Social Sciences

Sigma Xi, Cornell University Chapter 

HD1150 – Infancy and Childhood 

HD2300 - Cognitive Development 

HD4340 - Current Topics in Cognitive Development 

HD4490 - Children’s Learning in Social Context.

HD4300 - Concepts and Theories in Childhood 

HD/COGST6310 - Advanced Topics in Cognitive Development

HD6380 - Evolutionary Perspectives on Developmental Social Cognition

HD/COGST/PSYCH4470/6470 - Psychology of Imagination



 Co-Director and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Cognitive Science @ Cornell

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